Stance on Arcade 1Up machines and WR Scores?

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  1. Stance on Arcade 1Up machines and WR Scores?

    01-07-2021, 04:34 PM
    Hello everyone!

    I'm JoelofTarth, and I am happy to join Twin Galaxies to start submitting for a chance to get a point WR in Marvel vs. Capcom!

    I have been reading up on the submissions and rules, but I hadn't seen anything about the Arcade 1Up machines here. I just recently got the MvC Special Edition, and I am excited to submit soon (after a bit more practice.)

    Would there be any documentation on how to give a submission for Marvel vs Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes running on an Arcade 1Up machine?

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  2. 01-07-2021, 06:48 PM
    Welcome, great to have you here! Looking forward to seeing your submissions for a WR as well.

    It looks like you'll be a trailblazer in submitting Arcade1Up scores - awesome!

    In the absence of an existing track for your specific game, we can easily add one for Marvel vs Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes so you and others can compete for WR bragging rights.

    I believe that, based on past practice, we would create an Arcade1Up track for MvC under "Arcade" category in the same way that Twin Galaxies did for Ms Pac / Galaga Class of 81:

    I'm unfamiliar with the degree to which a player can adjust the settings on a Arcade1Up version of MvC, but here's the rules for the existing arcade MvC. I imagine that some of the rules may be carried over to the Arcade1Up:

    Difficulty: Expert
    Damage Level: Normal
    Timer Speed: Normal
    Mode Select: Free Select
    Game Speed: Free Select
    1P Max Round: 3
    2P Max Round: 3
    Event: Off
    Special Rules: You may freely choose any available character. [Including Machine Unlocked Secret Characters] You may freely choose your Mode and Game Speed. Continues are not allowed!
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  3. 01-07-2021, 07:14 PM
    Welcome to Twin Galaxies!

    I say yes - add Arcade1Up as a "game" on the Arcade platform. Once the "game" of Arcade1Up is added, any and all games played on Arcade1Up machines can be tracked as variations. I say "game" because that's the next level of organization below Platform. The alternative would be having a new platform for Arcade1Up which honestly may be a better idea but would involve TG admin creating that new platform. Not prohibitive, but it is different than having scores tracked under Arcade platform.

    There are currently a few examples of post-original PCB systems being tracked under Arcade platforms as "games." The multicade boards have been tracked as a game titled XX-in-1 and there are variations under that "game" that describe which actual game is played on the multicade machine. As Evener said there was a separate game created for the machine system that had Ms. Pac and Galaga. I think it's good form to keep it under the Arcade platform and track it as a "game" where the "game" is the arcade system itself.

    This all probably sounds pretty pedantic to a newcomer so if you've read this far congrats lol. But Arcade platform is setup such that any "game" is in reference to the original PCB version of the game. Any variation on a game, like being run on a multicade or a reissue/anniversary/compilation board, has been tracked as a separate set of records.

    All that aside I really really want to see TG accommodate arcade players of all varieties on all systems and the modern reproductions are only going to become more popular as time goes on. Fortunately the current system is setup to allow players to found tracks to suit the needs of the competition they wish to foster.
  4. 01-07-2021, 07:22 PM
    I almost forgot - adding Arcade1Up to the Arcade platform is a great opportunity to invite new players to submit scores to TG. You may not realize it but you're the first person I've ever seen on here ask about Arcade1Up systems and frankly I can't believe I haven't thought of it myself. I have a dear friend who acquired one as a gift in the 2019 holiday season and since he had no intention to track his high scores it simply never came up as to how scores could be tracked on such machines.

    Doing a quick scan of the Arcade1Up site tells me that there are MANY games out there that could be worked with. And who knows - maybe those who buy Arcade1Up cabinets are MORE likely to want to participate in some competition for the love of the game. @Jace Hall let's get a campaign going with Arcade1Up this could be good.
  5. 01-07-2021, 07:43 PM
    I think we could just add Arcade1Up as a platform.

    Any objections?
    Jace Hall
    Head Custodian
  6. 01-07-2021, 08:02 PM
    no objection, fairly neutral either way, not sure why each one cant just be a new track in arcade. i mean sure it cant be under the pacman game it would have to be something like "1up pacman" as the game name and tracks under that but again no real objection.

    does this mean though you've abandoned the idea of merging anything except original? cause create new platforms for things like this would only make a merge harder down the line. and if you've abandoned the idea of merging, i assumed the potential merge was the only reason to hold up the intellivision flashback dispute, will these be revisited now?
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  7. 01-07-2021, 08:44 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Jace Hall View Post
    I think we could just add Arcade1Up as a platform.

    Any objections?
    I have no objection. Does anyone know if 1up machines are merely emulation, or do they have proprietary PCBs that have their own individual ROMs that are officially licensed? If the latter, Im thinking theyre actual arcade machines, just modern versions of their respective titles that should be tracked separately within the appropriate platform. Did we ever consider arcades with bootleg ROMs "emulation", or have we included them along with every other track under "Arcade"? Just curious, and just my opinion, which admittedly is almost worthless because I don't know squat about arcade machines LOL
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  8. 01-07-2021, 09:31 PM
    I just got an Arcade1up Pac-Man 8 in 1 cabinet that hangs on the wall for Christmas and I've been playing a lot of the Galaga (which is why I really wanted it) and I've been researching it as I've been into emulation for a long time.
    Apparently it uses some emulator named Moo and not MAME as I had thought and hoped. I've heard they hired some guy to work on it from the emulation scene and their version is closed source. It runs on what I think is essentially an Android... ARM processor if I'm not mistaken.

    While the older version of my cabinet apparently ran a tiny bit slower than MAME and the arcade, in the newer version (the one I have) this has been fixed. However, as I said I have been playing a lot of Galaga and while it is 95% well-emulated, I have seen enemy fire just vanish as well as just appear out of nowhere. It doesn't happen often but it has happened enough (I've been playing A LOT, mind you) that I am certain that it happens. I've never had it happen in the arcade or on MAME and I've played those FAR more than I've yet played the arcade1up cabinet.

    Also, you can't adjust any of the settings (dip switches) but it is set to the official settings. Also, I don't think they use the same ROM, the title screen says copyright BNEI instead of Namco.

    So, idk. I think you should accept them because I have one but shots disappearing and appearing is a bit of a problem. It happens RARELY, mind you, but it DOES happen. Also, when your ship is captured, sometimes it will be mis-aligned with the enemy ship a tiny bit to the left when it is captured, but will be aligned when they fly back up to the top. Sometimes it happens vice-versa. It always happens but for all I know it might do the same thing in MAME or even in the arcade and I just never noticed it before.
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