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  1. 01-21-2021, 02:26 PM
    I switched controllers this morning from one that was “ok” to “horrible” so I switched again ... now it’s “pretty good”. I’m looking for “feeling new”... and it’s not going to happen!

    I can’t complain because we all have 40 year old controllers!!! We’re all in the same boat!

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  2. 01-21-2021, 03:55 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Intellivision Master View Post
    It’s a little more like Roger wants to co-found an Intellivision patch company with me; but I’ll just take one ski and a Bomb Squad patch LOL.

    However... when we see Intellivision patches around, just know that Roger is raking it in !!!
    HAHAHA! He seems to be all about those patches! Roger, let us know when you begin production...we'll take a few boxes each! LOL.
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  3. 01-21-2021, 09:17 PM
    Great job on the score!
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