Intellivision - Auto Racing - NTSC/PAL - Track : 1 - 03:16.0 - Rickster8

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  1. Intellivision - Auto Racing - NTSC/PAL - Track : 1 - 03:16.0 - Rickster8

    02-03-2021, 10:45 AM

    NTSC/PAL - Track : 1

    This variation is for both NTSC and PAL as there is no difference between the two on the Intellivision Video Game Console.

    Car selection is PLAYERS CHOICE. (please see additional Info for more detail)

    Submission Message
    This is my submission for Auto Racing - Rotational Steering on the Intellivision. Course 1. I chose the Tan Car (Car #4). My best final time was 3 minutes and 16 seconds. There are a few runs on this video, but for this submission the best timed run begins at the 4:41 mark. Boot up occurs at the beginning. Hardware shown at the end, power was on and the Auto Racing cartridge was shown. Reset done and power switched off and on at the very end of the video. Just to be clear, this is the Rotational Steering cartridge. I gave myself a two night 'crash' course and learned it. It's a heckuva-lot easier to control the car. I won't be going back to the old way that's for sure. Gentlemen!!! START YOUR ENGINES!!! Thx

    NOTE: In my prior submissions when the Directional Steering cartridge was shown the label just says 'Auto Racing'. If you look at the Rotational Steering cartridge for this submission you will notice the label says 'Auto Racing' with 'Hong Kong' listed in the far right corner.

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