Arcade - Spy Hunter stand up - Shooting racing game - 417,490 - Timothy J. Kinkead

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  1. Arcade - Spy Hunter stand up - Shooting racing game - 417,490 - Timothy J. Kinkead

    02-09-2021, 07:29 PM

    Shooting racing game

    Spy Hunter stand up Twin Galaxies Rules 1. Players are allowed to use the bug/ glitch: Specifically, it is possible to get the game into a state where the difficulty no longer increases and you no longer see torpedo boats or enforcers. 1a. The bug can be triggered by "jumping" a broken bridge by getting out of a weapons van and riding on the right over the broken bridge when an enforcer is on the bridge or nearby. 2. A complete video game recording is required and uploaded to Twin Galaxies Switch No.1 @ 30,000 Points Extra Base Awarded Every 30,000 Points Up To A Maximum Of 3 Note: The above Dip Switches, are not only the FACTORY DEFAULT settings, but are also the correct Twin Galaxies Tournament Settings for this title.
    Submission Message
    This game was played on 2/9/21 EST. I actively sought to activate the weapons van glitch (eliminating Enforcers and Dr. Torpedoes) at 6:50 of the video. The video shows point accumulation with out those vehicles and also how enemies apparently do not increase in frequency after the glitch is triggered. Also interesting to note...the water board became extremely easy to navigate without the threat of being torpedoed at high speeds and minimal barrel dropping boat traffic. Over an 8 minute span, from 28:31 to 26:31 I had an average score per minute of 14,253...3,000 more per minute than my 1.239 million submission that did not utilize the weapons van glitch. Also noticeable in this game is that once the weapons van glitch is triggered, no Enforcers are in the game so it become possible to step away from the machine without being shot by the Enforcer like the regular game.

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