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  1. - Robert T Mruczek

    02-14-2021, 11:02 PM
    Open question - what is the first video game ever, whether arcade or home console, that had background music as you played ? Further, same question but in terms of different background music depending on what level/stage you were playing within the game ?

    OK, talking it through, let's work backwards and see how far we get.

    Arcade 1980 - "Rally X" had background music, the same for every stage (also "Carnival" thanks to "Wwdkong")
    Arcade 1981 - "Fantasy" had background music which varied for certain stages
    EDIT - Arcade 1983 - "Journey" is the 1st game with licensed music (thanks, John !!)

    So, for the two questions above, in terms of games released in an earlier year (I'm not so concerned with the absolute earliest by month/day, the year will suffice)...which titles precede each ?

    Again, arcade or home console, but would be interested in having an earliest selection for both. Thanks !!

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