PC - Death Rally (Classic) - Fastest time (Hell Mountain, Dervish car, lap time) - 14.07 - Andrew Peter Mee

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  1. PC - Death Rally (Classic) - Fastest time (Hell Mountain, Dervish car, lap time) - 14.07 - Andrew Peter Mee

    02-27-2021, 07:53 PM

    Fastest time (Hell Mountain, Dervish car, lap time)
    "Do you want to use weapons?" = Yes. Death Rally (Classic) has three selectable difficulty levels: "Speed makes me dizzy", "I live to ride" (the default difficulty level), and "Petrol in my veins". Please select "I live to ride". The player may freely repair his or her car and buy items such as tires, engines, etc. within the confines of the game. Loading a previously saved game is also allowed. There's a native Windows version of this game. Death Rally (Classic) is also freely available on Steam and this is maybe the easiest way to play it nowadays on modern PCs. According to Barthax, TGSAP has a history of accepting DOSBox as original PC starting out with Wes Copeland's run on Champ Kong (02-17-2015). Therefore an EMU track for PC-DOSBox submissions should not be necessary.
    Submission Message
    Achieved on 20201203. The Dervish vehicle type can be confirmed around 18:58 when being purchased. Attempt begins around 36:34.
    -- AP

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  2. 02-28-2021, 06:56 AM
    Am trying to make sense of these rules. I don't see any facetiously titled difficulty settings. All I see is the perfectly reasonable choice between easy, medium and hard.

    Is "Speed makes me dizzy" supposed to be the easy difficulty level, and "I live to ride", the medium?
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