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  1. - Matthew Buchholz

    02-28-2021, 06:33 PM
    Rules say:
    Due to the game advancing you to a new team every time you win, your Biggest Blowout total will be cumulative of all the Rounds won. If at any point you lose a Round, your cumulative score only counts for the Round(s) you've already won. [Ex. You won 2 Rounds 5-0 each and lose the 3rd Round. Your cumulative Biggest Blowout would be 10. If you won Round 1, 5-2 and Round 2 5-3 and lost the 3rd Round 0-1, your cumulative Biggest Blowout would be 4.]

    Shouldn't last sentence say your biggest blowout would be 5? ((5-2)+(5-3)) = 5, not 4. The 4 would include the 0-1 loss, and its says NOT to count losses.

    Just wanted to ask about this.
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