Dispute: John McAllister - M.A.M.E. - Berzerk - Slow Bullets - Random Play (No Pattern Allowed) - Player: Paolo Colman - John P McAllister

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  1. Dispute: John McAllister - M.A.M.E. - Berzerk - Slow Bullets - Random Play (No Pattern Allowed) - Player: Paolo Colman - John P McAllister

    03-03-2021, 03:17 PM
    Additional Video Evidence:
    M.A.M.E. - Berzerk - Slow Bullets - Random Play (No Pattern Allowed)

    ROM Set = berzerk1
    Starting lives = 3
    1st extra at 5K, 2nd at 10K
    SLOW bullets
    Complete game
    Sound must be turned OFF for proper INP playback
    Special Rules:
    1. This variation is for a rom set that has the RC-28 Logic Program installed. This is what makes the bullets long and slow. This also makes OTTO twice as fast as the Fast Bullet OTTO after a score of 5000 points. If there is no RC-28 Logic Program installed, all scores on this rom set will be logged under the Fast Bullets variation.
    2. This section is for RANDOM METHOD of play where no pattern is used even once during a game to gain advanced knowledge of upcoming rooms during any one LIFE. Any loop, box or pattern performed where rooms repeat even once during any one LIFE will classify play under the PATTERN METHOD of play.
    3. A pattern exists whether the ?loop? is elaborate and takes many minutes to complete or if a loop occurs just once during any one LIFE where all four exits are used to make rooms repeat even once. FOREKNOWLEDGE of one loop and its rooms therein ? OR ? FOREKNOWLEDGE of hours of loops and its rooms therein constitute the definition of a PATTERN. In random play rooms can repeat, rarely, but NEVER during the same LIFE and never will multiple rooms repeat in the same order repeatedly where a PATTERN is not being used.
    4. NEVER is a Saved State allowed. Entire game must be recorded and continuously played. Regular TG POINTS Settings for this game applies.

    Player Name
    Paolo Colman
    Original Adjudication
    Verification Method
    Verification Date
    Disputed Score
    156,390 (Rank 1)
    Disputed By
    Dispute Evidence / Rationale
    I see a pattern

    >v<^ >v<^ >v<^

    Player already has a higher score on the correct track so this score should just be removed.

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  2. 03-03-2021, 09:59 PM
    First couple of minutes of video will show pattern, last 30 seconds or so show final score and initials.
  3. 03-03-2021, 10:02 PM
    Another copy of the inp.
  4. 03-06-2021, 02:53 AM
    Thanks for the dispute! It's a shame these were done with a pattern, Paolo is a great gamer so I thought it was just another epic score from him

    The arcade equivalent tracks were actually merged as a result of this dispute, so I'm thinking it only makes sense to do the same with the MAME tracks?
    @Jace Hall was involved with the arcade merge so I'm hoping he can chime in here with some thoughts
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  5. 03-06-2021, 11:28 AM
    Can someone please refresh my memory on this?

    Looking at this dispute, the rules seem clear that no pattern is allowed and the playback shows a pattern.
    Jace Hall
    Head Custodian
  6. 03-06-2021, 12:56 PM
    This submission definitely does use a pattern and should be moved to the pattern track (or removed since the player already has a higher score there)

    I'm just curious as to whether the MAME tracks should be merged like the arcade ones were recently. There's not really any reason for them to be different since its the exact same game however I wasn't involved in the arcade merge so may be missing something.
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  7. 03-06-2021, 03:02 PM
    It's seems as though the tracks were merged due to the potential of the "pre-pattern" scores using a pattern or going into the same room without knowing it hence breaking the "non-pattern" rules.
    Would be interesting to know if the original MAME rules were combined and then separated out at the same time the arcade rules were
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