Commodore 64 - Jr. Pac-Man - EMU (Points) - 60,830 - Marco Sandoval

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  1. Commodore 64 - Jr. Pac-Man - EMU (Points) - 60,830 - Marco Sandoval

    03-05-2021, 07:51 PM

    EMU (Points)
    Please use default settings upon boot-up. These are Stage 1; One Player; Normal.

    Submission Message
    This was recorded on March 5, 2021 using Ecamm Live. I muted the microphone. Settings reset at :15. Game settings shown at 1:26. The record/PB run is the final run which begins at 43:50 with the final score of 60830 shown on the top left at 51:17.

    Wow, is this version bad. #analysis

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  2. 03-06-2021, 02:29 AM
    Ooh, it's close!!
    Accepted. ;)
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  3. 03-06-2021, 07:32 AM
    This is an atrocious adaptation. You have an impressively high tolerance for bad gaming experiences, to be able to stick with this abortion, for such a long time.
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  4. 03-06-2021, 07:53 AM
    I must admit that I tried to give it another go after this run. I stopped after 10 minutes and poured myself a drink lol.
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