Dispute: John McAllister - M.A.M.E. - Rygar [US set 1] - Points [Marathon Settings] - Player: Matt Hall - Score: 5,891,480

Is this a valid dispute?

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  1. 03-07-2021, 01:19 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by 80sArcadeKid View Post
    Again, I think after more investigations that M.A.M.E. 0.36 has inp playback issues, both INPs displayed odd behaviour in 0.36. Francios Daniels inp played back fine in 0.37 which it was played/recorded in but wigs out if you play it in 0.36, which makes sense I guess cause it is a version later.

    Matt Halls inp plays back in both versions however was recorded in 0.36 and displays different gameplay in each. Both being early deaths and game end on round 1. Other inps of his from MARP recorded in 0.36 display similar gameplay.

    There must have been some pretty big issues with 0.36 I think that were rectified by 0.37, I can investigate that more today. However, even not seeing the full game if above is in fact the issue, the game is still invalid based on:

    - The rom set being incorrect
    - The settings being on easy

    Either of these
    Thank you for the additional info. I'll be less skeptical of the submitter's (or the one who submitted on his behalf) motivations, then LOL!
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  2. 03-07-2021, 02:10 PM
    Matts inps play back fine for me using 3236 with no shells, virtual or boxes being used.
  3. 03-07-2021, 02:16 PM
    Can you tell me what 3236 is? A MAMAE version?
  4. 03-07-2021, 02:53 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by 80sArcadeKid View Post
    Can you tell me what 3236 is? A MAMAE version?
    Back then new MAME versions were released in 2 versions. A Windows version and a Dos version.
    The Windows version was labeled MAME32 and a version number for some reason. Not sure when this stopped.
    Download Win36 from MARP and try that.

    Looks to me like when you tried to play back Matt's inps on your youtube video something caused them to desync which would explain the early deaths and incorrect initials. What caused this to happen? Could be a number of reasons. I'll leave that explanation to someone with more technical knowledge of how MAME works. I had a 500K+ Raiden inp using WolfMAME 166 last year that I couldn't submit due to it suddenly killing off the lives at about 150K but Raiden has had known playback issues for years.

    Not defending Matt Hall here just throwing a few things out there. The wrong version and settings are definitely grounds for a dispute
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  5. 03-07-2021, 05:00 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by redelf View Post
    Matts inps play back fine for me using 3236 with no shells, virtual or boxes being used.
    Do you see a full game with 5,891,480 score? I'm at a loss trying to play this back and I'm playing it on the mame36.exe through .bat file with no sound.

    mame36 rygarj -playback rygarj

    Then picking option zero from the menu - no sound (the others won't let it play)

    Are you running a Windows 10 32bit version? If I try this in a VirtualBox I get a 16bit subsystem error even after I've enabled Legacy Components / Direct Play under Windows features.

    Anyway it's probably all irrelevant. I just wanted to see the full playback.
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