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  1. - John William White Jr.

    03-08-2021, 12:20 AM
    Hey TG community,

    I came across this site called Highscore.com which pretty much what TG does. Has anyone ever used their site and are they legit? I question it because I was comparing a record one of mine (Bubble Bobble on Game Boy) and I had a way higher score on it. The only proof the player had was just photos and no actual gameplay footage. According to that site, they're saying he's ranked #1 in the world. Not that I really care because TG and my record says otherwise.
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  2. 03-08-2021, 12:38 AM
    Yes I’ve been a member since 2016, it was a pretty good site until the owner sort of disappeared, unfortunately with the photo scores you’ll never really know if Theo are legit. The site crashed a few months ago causing all pending subs to vanish which ticked a lot of people off, one of them decided to build his own site and it’s going really well, the majority of HighScore members moved over there, it’s sort of a mini TG whereas the put the importance of videos for the scoreboard. All Of HighScore scores have been “scraped” into the new site and work has been done to tidy things up and remove iffy scores.
    Here is the link

  3. 03-08-2021, 12:47 AM
    Thanks for the reply
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  4. 03-08-2021, 05:38 AM
    I have lots of stuff up on highscore.com as well. It is what it is - a free-for-all when it comes to what people think is acceptable evidence. Also there are no penalties for trolling submissions. I've seen many submissions that have "videos" but when you go to watch the video it's something completely unrelated which clearly seems intentional. Also if you vote NO on something, you are supposed to give a reason why. That doesn't always happen either. The vast majority of my runs up over there are parallel to my adjudicated runs here at TG. I received a number of NO votes with no explanation, or an explanation that they weren't sure it was done on original hardware or something when I clearly display the hardware in the videos.

    Anyway lvlupscore.com is, in my opinion, a much happier medium between the free-for-all and the scrutiny of TG. I would suggest using that as an additional score platform. Also depending on what you're playing speedrun.com is also very good and I'm sure you're aware of it. That system has admins per game that personally review submissions, providing a more expert opinion system than a community adjudication system. I like it a lot.
  5. 09-26-2021, 10:10 AM
    Highscore.com was ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT !!!
    I won 5 or 6 competitions out of 7 and I got delivered proper hardware, worth hundreds.
    The owner, Jeremy is an incredibly nice man. Supremely genuine.
    If you could find my last couple of entries, I made a MEME of an old TV, it said "A picture of an 1980's TV will do", referring to adjudication.
    The trouble with the website, which I mentioned to Jeremy, is the lack of punishment for incorrect voting.
    I realised the opposite of decency was occurring, so I complained, which attracts the trolls. ALL my submissions were rejected.
    I did an experiment.
    I submitted scores both as a picture and a video. Only some pictures went through, ALL video's rejected, even after being verified on MARP and TG.
    The trolls won, I left. 3 years later, I was still in the top 3 players on there.
    It's a shame, as it was a smart place to be. It was so good, all my TG submission videos had Highscore.com on my screen to advertise the site.
    It was good, now it's a free for all of nonsense. Decent players still submit there, but they know it's a part time thing.
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  6. 10-20-2021, 12:36 PM
    Depends on credibilty of scores. It is always safer to submit to TG as your new public face for your scores.
    Other sites not always have the same adjudcation process.
    On HighScore.Com -Anyone can post a video or a picture and there is no evidence or real hardware used.

    If you cross post to other sites like MARP ,RU and Highscore.com then you can earn credibility from those
    site users but those sites could not be so active as TG.
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