Dispute: Benjamin Sweeney - Atari 2600 / VCS - Garfield - EMU (Points) - Player: Robert Macauley - bensweeneyonbass

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  1. Dispute: Benjamin Sweeney - Atari 2600 / VCS - Garfield - EMU (Points) - Player: Robert Macauley - bensweeneyonbass

    03-12-2021, 06:11 AM
    Atari 2600 / VCS - Garfield - EMU (Points)

    Please use default settings.
    Difficulty switches must be set to the B position.

    Player Name
    Robert Macauley
    Original Adjudication
    Verification Method
    Verification Date
    Disputed Score
    397,094,507,900 (Rank 3)
    Disputed By
    Dispute Evidence / Rationale
    Incorrect score claim submitted. Original adjudication thread describes what the correct score claim should have been. Submission was accepted when it should have been rejected.
  2. 03-12-2021, 11:58 AM
    Firstly thanks to Ben for opening the dispute. I would've done it myself as soon as the submission was accepted but my cred dropped below 4000 thanks to voting no on this submission.

    What happened here was that I made an error in calculating a rollover on a game with a ridiculous scoring system. The game doubles the score on screen whenever you touch a cat named Pooky and at some point in the past the decision was made to double the total score (1M,2M,4M,8M and so on) leading to scores in the gazillions. Ironically my original 2M submission years ago was adjudicated (by corrupt former ref Corcoran) with just the score on screen being added to the total. One of his few good decisions.

    At the 28:14 minute mark (9th rollover) I either entered a 3 instead of a 1 into my calculator or misread the result as 387,786,600 instead of 383,786,600 adding 4 million to the score which ultimately added 4 billion to the final score. GregDeg picked up the error, I checked my figures, confirmed the mistake and replied to his post 12 minutes later saying to vote no and I'd resubmit but the submission was accepted 13 minutes later.

    An open and shut case here really. My sincere apologies to anyone who's credibility either already has been or will be effected due to my error
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