Apple II - Sabotage - EMU - Points - 106 - Luigi Ruffolo

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  1. Apple II - Sabotage - EMU - Points - 106 - Luigi Ruffolo

    03-13-2021, 02:11 PM

    EMU - Points
    The player may freely choose his or her controls and if he or she wants steerable shells or not.
    Submission Message
    The best attempt starts at 14:50.
    Score at 18:17.

    Emulator: AppleWin 1.29.13 (start-up and settings shown at the beginning of the video).

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  2. 03-14-2021, 01:50 AM
    There's a couple of nice subtleties in that game which aren't often seen: the explosion effect actually takes out other craft/landers and the cost of firing reduces the score.

    Accepted. :D
    Lots of 1sts to be surpassed: what are you waiting for? Play the game, submit the score...
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