Dispute: Garrett Holland - NES / FAMICOM / DISK - Pinball - NTSC - Game A [Points] - Player: Edward Pilcher - Score: 1,347,800

Is this a valid dispute?

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  1. 03-16-2021, 06:25 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Garrett Holland View Post
    I just though of another negative manifestation if this philosophy of "worse score is acceptable" ever becomes the consensus, which I doubt will ever happen ... there have top legacy scores removed because a score was inaccurate/impossible ... arcade Robotron comes to mind.
    Not the same thing. The Robotron score was not only impossible because of the ending digits but also because of how large it was. There was no video for that score. Here we have video of the claimed score not only being possible but being exceeded.

    I consider this to be a valuable score to the scoreboard and we have video. Hopefully Edward will resubmit or TG will correct the score. Would be very unfortunate for it to just be tossed away.

    And just to be clear, I don't think it was wrong for you to start the dispute. It's important to bring up these types of errors. I just don't think the score should be removed.
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  2. 03-16-2021, 06:47 PM
    Good points, and I appreciate the feedback! I, too, think this performance should be memorialized, because it kicks much ass, and I am hoping the submitter will resubmit so it can be.
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  3. 03-17-2021, 07:19 PM
    end of the day i know this dispute will go through so i'm not gonna really argue but i am gonna express my opinion more out of concern of simliar points and where things can lead

    1. yes i'm fine with people short changing themselves, but most people arent, i regulalry lose that argumetn and accept you cant short change yourself
    2. this is even worse than short changing as the score never really happened. i agree its a problem to allow scores with impossible digits so i'm actually more in favor of this dispute than i would normaly be since it we start accepted short changed score that werent actually achieved it opens the door to accepting even impossible digits and then what? go back to the days of "who cares that todds score is impoosible, just round it into a possible one?". this could have real reprecussions for old scores that need disputing
    3. i'm more concerned how it accepts maxouts. coleco smurfs the top score short changed themsevles by one point. i'm not gonna dispute that, and if i ever tie i'll equally short change myself to be fair but in that case i wish it didnt happen since what happens if someday someone really does get exactlyl one less than the max? corner case but still something i'd like to avoid. so while i accepted the smurf score and would never dispute it, i can also see the reason to try to discourage such thigns
    4. roll overs. even worse i've been some people when rolling a game just submit the max displayable score with the justification the "high score" showed that value. omg can you imagine if people did that for arcade pacman? just go 999,999 as the max score since it says thats your high score? even worse on a marathonable game. so what? as long as i'm first to roll something and i fear competition i'll just enter the max displayable and now noone feels like they have the right to beat me? only tie me?

    tl;dr while i would like to let scores like this stay i can also see where it can lead to some real problems if we do allow it
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  4. 03-18-2021, 05:50 AM
    The evidence doesn't match the score claim. Period.

    Disputing and removing a score doesn't erase it from existence. It simply appears in the "View All Submissions" section of the scoreboard instead of the active leaderboard. It can always be viewed and this discussion we are having can always be viewed as well.

    If you are using one of the Erasure Of History or Taking Down A Valid Run angles, you are making a fallacious argument. Leave CR out of it - that's a side effect. The history will always be preserved and this is not a valid score claim.

    And if you say Just Have Them Submit Again well you're acknowledging that this is an invalid score claim otherwise why submit again?

    This has been a robust discussion but I have yet to see a reason to let a score claim stand that is invalid based on the submitted evidence package.
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