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  1. Console ODE's - Chris Gleed

    05-03-2021, 09:15 AM
    Hey Gang,

    I know there was some very short discussion about flash carts, back in 2018. I agree with all the points there:
    1) hard to determine the validity of a rom being used
    2) things like SNES games which required special chips, whose functionality is replicated in FPGA (if supported), might be questionable
    3) pre-loaded flash carts (i.e. not using external storage like a SD/micro SD card) are more susceptible to having hacks

    However every submission performed on a flash cart that I've seen, my own included, has not had the use of the flash cart questioned. Maybe I missed some additional discussions.

    But, taking the conversation futher, have ODE's been discussed at all yet? I recently got the xstation for my old SCPH-1001 PS1, which I was very excited to revive from a failed optical drive. I got this bad boy in a trade back in '97, and it is also the model with the more desirable audio circuitry.

    More info on the xstation here:
    Most notably:
    • Full compatibility with the PlayStation 1 library.

    I believe that is actually a recent update, because I know there were some games confirmed with minor issues at launch, but I did see updates on those getting corrected since launch. (and by some, I mean less than 10).

    There were also tests done showing the ODE to load games slightly faster than original optical drives, but that was chocked up to aging of the original drives. Haven't yet seen anyone testing against an unused OEM replacement unit. But I think that goes back to the precept of "it's okay as long as it's not for a speedrun or score that would be affected by load times".

    But, on to other solutions. There's also the Rhea and Phoebe for the Saturn, the GDEMU for the Dreamcast. Not sure if there's any others on the market that I haven't been paying attention to because they're outside of the realm of consoles I own.

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  2. 05-11-2021, 10:31 PM
    I worked on the beta team for the XStation, as well as MODE prior to that. On MODE, I don't recall doing any speed tests, but we did do them extensively on the XStation team. Last I saw, it was equal to the fastest PS ever made (the PSONE) with a perfect laser. It is also the most compatible ODE for the console.

    With that said, it actually makes sense to pick an ODE and endorse it on TG's end, and the XStation is the best match for this. Since all original PS1 consoles are subject to variable performance/failure on the laser lens, the 'leveling of the playing field' by endorsing the XStation would make submitting high scores and times much more fair to everyone.
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