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  1. Questions Re: Grandfathered scores and - - Michael Olson

    03-16-2021, 11:57 PM
    Hi everyone,

    I’m just wondering if someone can provide some clarification or a forum I can look to. (I may have missed seeing the info on these).

    1) I’ve noticed some duplicates of games and also under some, there’s no place to submit a score.
    I’ve noticed it seems to be ones that have “--Speedruns”. Just wondering why they are listed if we can’t submit to them.

    2) Could someone explain the “grandfathered” scores; I see on those that one shouldn’t submit a score; is there a reason as to why?

    I’ll use Super Mario 64 as the example.
    - I see two places to go for it, one that states “Nintendo 64” and the other “-- Speedruns” ; in this case for -- speedruns you can actually submit a score (I’ve found generally there isn’t that option).
    - “Most Coins” is stated as grandfathered.

    Thanks for any info/insight into my questions.

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