TI-99 / 4A - Dig Dug - EMU - Points - 104,510 - Luigi Ruffolo

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  1. TI-99 / 4A - Dig Dug - EMU - Points - 104,510 - Luigi Ruffolo

    03-21-2021, 10:09 AM

    EMU - Points
    Please use the game's default settings for your attempt. Note that this is the rule as it was written by Twin Galaxies for the NTSC track. There are seven selectable difficulty levels, all represented by vegetables, plants, or fruits (no written names or numbers can help you to identify them). Just pick the first item that appears in the difficulty screen after the game start-up (it should be an orange carrot, or something like that).
    Submission Message
    The run starts at 0:50.
    Score at 16:22.
    Emulator: Classic99 QI399.028 (start-up and settings are shown at the beginning of the video).

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