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  1. - Robert T Mruczek

    04-14-2020, 08:16 PM
    Just wondering what the absolutely lamest game you have ever seen is/was.

    I just spotted something called "The White Door"...the "plot" is that some hipster/slacker dude wakes up in a Mental Health facility and suffers from severe memory loss. Follow the facility’s strict daily routine, explore his dreams and help him recall his memories.

    You get to brush his teeth, make him veg-out on the couch and sadly even more lame activities. Ugh :(

    Anyway, this one gets my vote, and I've seen quite a few lame games over the years. You can check out a preview within the link below.

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  2. 04-13-2021, 06:20 AM
    Yeah. This is so generic. For some reason, there're always some troubles in the storytelling department despite the fact that indi devs always aiming at this.
  3. 04-14-2021, 12:51 AM
    definitely doesnt seem like the sort of game i'd play, but to this day i've yet to see something dethrone arcade donkey kong as the most boring game of all time.
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  4. 04-20-2021, 02:32 PM
    Sounds really unplayable!
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