Arcade - Choplifter! - Points - 175,100 - RedDawn

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  1. Arcade - Choplifter! - Points - 175,100 - RedDawn

    04-18-2021, 03:53 AM


    Dip-Switch Bank A:1-8= ON
    Dip-Switch Bank B:
    1 = OFF/ON [Cocktail/Upright]
    2 = ON
    3-6 = OFF
    Note: The above Dip Switches, are not only the FACTORY DEFAULT settings, but are also the correct Twin Galaxies Tournament Settings for this title and will provide the following settings;
    3 Copters Per Game
    Bonus Copters at 20000, 70000, 120000, 170000 Points
    Easy Difficulty
    Submission Message
    Manual, Dips, and PCB shown at the conclusion of the video.
    Final Score of 175,100

    My hands! It shows my hands! @80'sArcadeKid should like that. LOL and I didnt even plan it out that way, so dont get used to it! Hahaha I didnt notice till I watched the playback.

    Here's another one for you Poco! I just listened to you mention this game on Snowflake's Twitch podcast :)

    It is a really good, very unique game. I wish I had became acquainted with it sooner.
    Getting a new PB just about every time I play now. My short term goal was taking down PSP's score on this track, so I'm happy to do that ;)

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  2. 04-18-2021, 08:17 AM
    Love it, Man, for real!!!
    That's right at the distance point I was able to get to, exploring the caves, but only on a handful of "very good days", I remember the caves really being my goal, when playing!!!
    Makes me want a 10 oz bottled Coke and a microwaved hamburger...

    Ah, won't elaborate too much, make ya blush, but glad you are around, and if you keep kinda doing what you are doing, playing what you want, checking the scoreboards, nipping away-you just seem like the type that will quickly "get better", just from buying into the TG "way", I guess.
    Not at all saying you aren't good now-you just seem to be a pretty willing tryer, after going for scores for a while, you'll start to look at games a different way, "isolate the important", etc, etc, etc-I'm not all that good, but I do have some pretty good stuff out there-it's from the general motivation and encouragement from my Friends here that I got decent, plenty of people are good at "x" game, but after a while of playing a lot of games, it develops into an overall skillset, like playing an instrument or painting, or whatever, just seems like you might have the "stick to it ness" to really develop here.

    Hehe, Thanks, blushing, feel famous. The interview was important to me, but feels like "in the past"-I was SO nervous, but for as intentionally edgy as he sometimes is here, Snowflake is a really great Guy, Great interview skills, made it kinda easy.
    I tell a LOT of stories(duh...), haha, and have this conviction that "the Worldwidenetweb will ALWAYS catch any BS", I love it when they match up in real-time, haha, kinda happens a lot!!!

    OK, a tip, mebbe-something I honestly don't do much of myself, but totally fine-
    Mebbe load up a MAME, make a savestate at the caves, play it until you feel pretty comfortable, then go for it in a real game.
    Just seems like mebbe you are making the active transition from "player" to "scorer", and I promise, it's slightly different-I'd have probably restarted the game after the first early death, but then again, you got to get more points basically doing the level twice, so if the caves were your "breaking point", then mebbe that was smart play, you died a lot on the last level, you might even, uhhh, "accidentally die on purpose" on the second level, do it twice...
    (Play smart, not hard...).

    Great introduction there, I appreciated the knowledge, and didn't know, for sure.

    Good Luck, Man, Keep it up!!!


    Oh-I rotate between different active electric guitars-right now, I am on my Schecter Damien-6 Diamond Series, matte black, bat wing fretmarkers.
    NASTY, NASTY beast of a guitar...
    Honest-a buddy accidentally got it, and wound up just giving it to me, because we don't know anyone else nasty enough to handle it...
    Good deal, Man, Choplifter. Awesome game, Awesome run!!!
    So they say
    Dance for me, dance for me, dance for me, oh, oh, oh
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  3. 04-18-2021, 06:52 PM
    Right before this run I had recorded a run of 152,000 but when I went to upload it I saw that about 10% of the bottom portion of the screen was cut off, which I wasnt happy with so I recorded another game.

    On that run, for the first time, I actually beat the caves and the 3rd level and made it to a 4th level which was a cityscape and even harder than that lava eruption in the caves that kept killing me in my 175k run. This lava explosion in level 3 has killed many of my games.

    Thats a good idea you have about killing guys off purposely. One could achieve a decent score doing that, better than my current one, but its not something I think I'll be doing because my goal is pretty much to start looping the game. Like DK, there are only 4 or 5 boards and then the game repeats, and doing that is the only way I'll ever get that 1.7 million that Charles Collins allegedly scored on this game back in 86'.
    I would have restarted this game if I could have, after that first death I kinda looked at it like a quick practice run but it turned out to be my new PB anyway so I just used it. It often seems to turn out that way for me.

    When you were playing this at the local gas station, do you remember it having any side art? I haven't been able to find any. It would be great if you had a pic of you and the machine from back then lol
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  4. 04-19-2021, 03:36 AM
    No pics, unfortunately!!!

    I for sure remember it NOT having side-art, I think that's why I thought it was a conversion kit, possibly!
    So they say
    Dance for me, dance for me, dance for me, oh, oh, oh
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