PC - League of Legends - ARAM - Daniel Ocampo

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  1. PC - League of Legends - ARAM - Daniel Ocampo

    04-23-2021, 02:59 PM


    Game Name

    League of Legends


    ARAM - Aphelios [Most Kills]

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    ARAM - Aphelios [Most Kills]

    1 player only. No duos, or any kind of teams are permitted. To ensure that the player is not purposely teaming up with anybody in their friend's list, the recording has to begin from the queue screen. PvP 5v5 Games only, no personalized games. Standard ARAM games only, no special events or variations like Poro King. If one or more players go AFK in any team, that's not in the player's control and any score under these circumstances will be allowed.

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