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  1. Pac-Man & Too - New Friends

    04-23-2021, 07:06 PM
    Hello - ALL.
    I've visited this site frequently to view champions' scores.
    However, today, I've decided, to - "plug" in. This app works amazing on my phone.

    To - the - POINT.

    I have started collecting again, arcade games, and currently NES boxed games, but ... Upon my newly purchased Pac-Man, the speed is ..... Super fast. Feels... So... Wrong. How do I fix the speed to get back to factory settings, so I can start participating on the RECORDS!?
    Is it as simple as a dip switch - OR - do I need to look into the chips?

    Let me know - thanks!

    As I'm new to this whole community, and forums in general, please, in advance, excuse me if replys are not on "the ball."

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