TRS-80 CoCo / CoCo2 - Donut Dilemma - EMU - Points - 21,440 - Steve Rasmussen

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  1. TRS-80 CoCo / CoCo2 - Donut Dilemma - EMU - Points - 21,440 - Steve Rasmussen

    05-04-2021, 10:24 AM

    EMU - Points
    According to the manual of the game, there's a CoCo 3 modified version. A clear message ("Color Computer 3 version") is displayed on the title screen right under the name of the game in this case. Players must use the CoCo 1 and 2 version. This game has no noteworthy settings for the player to select, therefore no specific rules apply.
    Submission Message
    Performed 4-May-2021 using VCC v1.42 on a Windows 10 PC, keyboard controls. I copied Luigi's settings except for ejecting 'carts' from the MPI that aren't used for the game. The Multi-Pak Interface, MPI, is an expansion gimmick that goes into the cart port and allows use of four expansion ports. I have a FD502 plugged into one of them, which is the floppy drive controller, needed to use .dsk images.
    There are multiple releases of this title, I used the American release from Gampoint Software, available at this appears to be the version Luigi used.
    Multiple attempts in video, record game starts at 14:26
    This game has some funky controls, to throw dough you hold down UP/DOWN whilst pressing the direction you want to throw. I learnt a little bit about N-Key Rollover when my Dell laptop wouldn't throw left, but would right.

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  2. 05-04-2021, 10:31 AM
    Good golly that upload was slow!

    CoCoTalk is a weekly show on twitch with a panel of folks that talk about...the Tandy Colour Computer. They have a weekly high score challenge and last week was the CoCo3 version of Donut Dilemma, which is much, much easier than this version. The author, Nick Marentes, gives some Donut Dilemma insights in this segment:

    Nick is still developing and is a frequently present for the weekly CoCoTalk session. You can see his projects here:
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