The Sham Continues - Robert T Mruczek

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  1. The Sham Continues - Robert T Mruczek

    05-11-2021, 04:08 AM
    Hello fellow gamers:

    I've been stating my opinions against the IVGHOF for many years now, ever since it's inception.

    The first year of "inductees" is forever tainted by quid-pro-quo inclusions, people that helped out Walter/TG in one way, shape of form, as well as inclusions for the most mediocre of performances (I won't cite any names of individuals but the one for "Tempest" at "extreme settings" was for a ridiculously low score)

    At another junction a so-called "Code of Ethics" was created without fanfare, coincidentally at the same time that nominations were submitted on behalf of the late Rudy myself, no less...and which appeared without warning when a public forum post was made asking why this particular nominee was rejected. Then all of a sudden, this "code" was present on the site, unannounced.

    The fact that a certain someone still remains on their Board of Directors (I think) who is currently under the gun for not submitting performances as per TG rules, and who has been actively engaging in revisionism, punitive retaliation and snowballing whoever might listen with an alternate version of what happened years back to support his cause, goes to show just what a sham this organization is. His very presence is tantamount to having a person who dumped toxic chemicals into public waters as a senior official of the EPA.

    And now, with the current crop of nominees, as I read this "Code of Ethics" there are two checkboxes at the very bottom before the signature/date provisions, one of which states "Opt-out: by checking this box I choose to decline my inclusion in the (IVGHOF)"

    So, let me get this straight...if you DON'T both check this box AND sign/submit this form then your inclusion can occur against your will ? That is total BS even beyond what this group has done thus far.

    But even more annoying...and curiously familiar...than that is provision three of this "Code of Ethics" which states, and I quote..."Shall protect the confidentiality of all sensitive information regarding the businessaffairs and discussions within the IVGHOF. Non-disclosure and ConfidentialityAgreements shall be signed."

    Now, why did this sound so very familiar ? This clause echoes the core of the "hush money" documentation sent out to myself and as I was told by PSP approx 17-18 others back in Dec/13 by Joel West acting on behalf of Walter Day which included a clause about not issuing disparaging remarks about TG, Walter, etc, for if I remember right approx 10 years under threat of financial penalty. I still have the E-MAILs stored so can always go back to them as needed.

    Anyway, what does, for those who wish it, accepting a nomination or even submitting one for that matter have to do with no saying anything bad about the IVGHOF ? Answer: nothing. It's a scare tactic designed to target those who blindly believe it is a legit organization and who would rather see their name in lights regardless of by whom it benefits. Another hush tactic, plain and simple.

    When it comes down to it, much like the various award ceremonies for the film industry, do you really need a third party to point out what you already know ? Answer: no. And their idea of who and what constitutes a "Hall of Fame" is no better, no worse than that of "The World Video Game Hall of Fame", or any other for that matter ?

    Below are links to the IVGHOF "Code of Ethics" document (warning...NOT a secure site as there is no "lock" in front of the URL") and also a YouTube video of similar announcement by the "World Video Game Hall of Fame".

    Unsure of the other such groups out there, but I am sure there are more. However of all of them, the IVGHOF which has a proven cheater on it's Board of Directors ( is the least credible and thus least relevant.

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  2. 05-11-2021, 10:20 PM
    So basically, it's even worse than the total write-off Guinness Book of World Records is now. As usual money is more important than integrity.

    On the certificate for web site addresses, I don't have it on my web site either because you have to pay annually for it.
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  3. 05-12-2021, 07:19 AM
    When this "organization" was initially setup by Walter, one of the lofty goals was to acquire (I kid you not) one of every arcade title, one of every game console, and one of every game. Good luck right there in terms of cost and storage.

    Some people DID make donations based on anecdotal posts years back, but in terms of accountability, there is no such thing. What do they have, in what working condition upon acquisition, etc, what remains (was anything ever sold) and in what condition now ?

    The concern here is...a fully working unit donated at inception year...could have been sold off and with the money replaced with a non-working unit and the funds pocketed, thus the need for full transparency. Unalterable documents showing serial numbers at point of acquisition for larger items (arcade units, consoles) and for audit purposes that had better match the items being stored. And to that extent...where are they being stored ?

    Then there's the balance sheet since inception...inclusive of the "Big Bang" which put it into the financial hole, and the second "Big Bang" which made that hole even deeper, all based on previous forum discussions and threads at inception.

    How much cash is coming in, and what percentage of it is being spent on staff salaries and staff T&E expenses vs how much is invested in the organization itself ?

    Hypothetically, suppose the group takes in $100K a year of which $95K goes towards staff salaries and T&E expenses, with only nominal general expenses for telephone, renewals, electricity, etc. Then the organization exists for the sole purpose of putting roofs on top of the staff.

    Where are their 501(c)3 filings for sake of full transparency ? Was it ever revoked at ANY point, then subsequently been re-instated, and if so why ?

    And THEN there are the people on this "Board", starting with the initial Board members and who might be here now. Just how many of them are Walter's good buddies from The Dome, never mind the presence of "Mr. Road to Redemption".

    The whole setup is just one big red flag in terms of audit issues.
  4. 05-12-2021, 09:27 AM
    Wow the world video game hall of fame seems to have its act together. At first I just checked the video thinking it was another name for ivghof and was stunned how well done the presentation and core material was for them. That’s what it should be about the games. I love competing on scores and of course tg should be focused on scores but for awards beyond having your name on a leaderboard making it about the games I feel will result in actually more motivation for scores abs community. Scores are one of those things where the more you try to focus on them the less they matter but the more you focus on the game the more as a side effect the score chasing becomes cool
    Lode Runner champ, also, Roy was right
  5. 05-12-2021, 11:54 AM
    If you're all for having your name in lights within a sham organization, that's your prerogative of course.

    Myself, I'd rather it be acknowledged by an organization that at least has a degree of respectability. IVGHOF does not. Billy being on the Board destroys all cred right off the bat, but their track record with handing out nominations as quid-pro-quo is a joke.
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  6. 05-17-2021, 12:49 AM
    Why does that one lady in the video wear TWO masks? Nobody else is. That is just stupid virtue signalling if you ask me.
    Your friend, datagod
    ~~Raspberry Pi Enthusiast~~
  7. 05-18-2021, 04:28 AM
    For clarity, the video that RTM linked to above has nothing to do with the IVGHOF. It's just a different example of another organisation (The Strong museum in Rochester, NY) doing something similar. I can vouch for the guys at Strong - they do amazing work.
  8. 05-18-2021, 07:10 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by TT View Post
    For clarity, the video that RTM linked to above has nothing to do with the IVGHOF. It's just a different example of another organisation (The Strong museum in Rochester, NY) doing something similar. I can vouch for the guys at Strong - they do amazing work.

    RTM REPLY - I agree, Tony. I listened to their video and they do try to do a good job indeed. Can't say the same for the majority of their competitors though...especially the IVGHOF.

    Statistically speaking TG itself has hosted on the forums a number of "Top xx" lists and discussions...among them Top Overall games (of all time...up to that point in time the list was discussed, of course), "Most Difficult games" (arcade) and a number of smaller such lists.

    Inevitably, especially with the broader-range lists (such as All Arcade) the results tend to cluster and perhaps 50-60% of the Top ## choices nearly everyone is largely in agreement on. For example...Top 50 BEST Arcade Titles of All Time...chances are that 25-30 will have the majority of votes and the rest taper off like a bell curve. We tried the "Top 10 Hardest Arcade Titles of All Time" decades back...nearly 25 responses. Of those, 5-6 titles invariably were on most lists (I think "Sinistar" was at the top) but votes tapered down dramatically as one gamer's "hardest" title may be deemed easy by another, and so forth.

    You can take five enthusiasts and task them to come up with a "Top ##" list on their own and it would be largely reflective of their personal experiences. Of course if not one of them ever experienced "Sinistar" then odds are that title would never make their list. This is why independent groups that make up such lists I tend to take with a grain of salt. You need voters...lots and lots of have a really good listing.

    By the same token, these voters need to be experienced and not no0bs. I remember on the old G4 forum they constantly debated the absolute dumbest "Top ##" lists such as "Top finishing move", "Best Weapon" and the worst of the worst, "Most Annoying Sound in a Video Game" (which nearly always has baby Mario crying in "Yoshi's Adventure" near the top of such lists)

    But the IVGHOF selecting HoF inclusions ? I'd sooner trust the current recount results in Arizona by "Cyber Ninjas" when they are done.
  9. 05-19-2021, 02:20 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by FBX View Post
    So basically, it's even worse than the total write-off Guinness Book of World Records is now. As usual money is more important than integrity.

    On the certificate for web site addresses, I don't have it on my web site either because you have to pay annually for it.
    There're a few free options, for example Let's Encrypt.
  10. 05-19-2021, 06:52 PM
    Further proof of the continuing sham of the IVGHOF.

    Nearly 10 years ago after the two big debacles known as "Big Bang" 1 & 2 this sham group proclaimed it was going to "preserve" 4500 arcade video games. The whole premise was a crock...the sheer logistics of housing that many stand up and in some cases cockpit/etc arcade games would require around two aircraft hangers or perhaps a gutted 3-story office building.

    Where was the annual rent cost going to come from ? The annual maintenance cost ? Never mind that, the acquisition cost. Oh yes...dummies would just gleefully give them the money. Millions of dollars. You can almost hear it now...

    "You give us all the machines and all the money, and we'll do the rest !!"

    One word...boondoggle.

    Nearly 10 years later, the questions are as follows...
    -> where is the running inventory log of all acquisitions including date, donator and serial numbers ?
    -> where are these acquisitions stored ?
    -> where is the audit which proves what is being stored matches the same serial numbers ? (in case a working condition unit was donated, then sold for cash on Ebay or private sale, then SOME of the money was used to purchase non-working units and the excess cash was kept)
    -> where is the log of all cash donations ?
    -> where is the bank proof since inception of all donations in a separate account marked for donations only, and an independent audit log of all donators, dates and amounts in sequential order ?

    In fact, where is there posted public disclosure info on their website ? -

    Even worse, one current board member...Walter currently using crowd-funding for his own personal purposes and future financial gain. I won't even go into that other tarnished Board Member whose name hopefully will one day be stricken from all things gaming much like the name of Moses was stricken from all of Egypt thousands of years ago for those who remember that scene in the film "Ten Commandments". Birds of a feather sham together.

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