Dispute: Daniel Ocampo - NES / FAMICOM / DISK - Tetris [Nintendo Version] - PAL - Points - Player: Ryan Genno - Daniel Ocampo

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  1. Dispute: Daniel Ocampo - NES / FAMICOM / DISK - Tetris [Nintendo Version] - PAL - Points - Player: Ryan Genno - Daniel Ocampo

    05-12-2021, 11:09 AM
    NES / FAMICOM / DISK - Tetris [Nintendo Version] - PAL - Points

    1 Life Only [Game-A]
    Special Rules: Not that there are any lives in the game, but you get only 1 attempt per game! This is a 1 Player Game ONLY! You're free to not only choose music or silence, but you're allowed to choose what starting level you desire. [Please note, you may also access levels 10-19 by holding the A Button while the selection is over 0-9 respectively, and hitting the Startbutton. Allowing the demo to scroll through and hitting Start as a line or Tetris is completed, selecting your level and causing the screen to flash when you start, enabling yourself to gain a free line or lines and therefore free points is banned! Your scoring attempt ends when the blocks reach the top of the screen and the Game Over message pops up. If the score rolls over, it will continue to be calculated. Pausing for ANY reason = Disqualification!
    Please note that although this variation is for Most Points, you may submit it as a Most Lines attempt as well.

    [Please note that you may also submit your record via the Super Mario Bros./Tetris/Nintendo World Cup Combo Cartridges]
    Player Name
    Ryan Genno
    Original Adjudication
    Verification Method
    Verification Date
    Disputed Score
    280,683 (Rank 5)
    Disputed By
    Pixe Sukola
    Dispute Evidence / Rationale
    Sorry Ryan, but this score was obtained using a NTSC cart on a PAL console.

    I'm opening this dispute in behalf of Jesper Norlander, an expert in Tetris who brought this to the community's attention but does't have the CR required to dispute it himself. He will be providing the arguments and evidence to prove this was done using the incorrect cartridge.

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  2. 05-13-2021, 04:10 AM
    Ryan's Video shows music running at 5/6th of the speed of what it's supposed to run at. The only way to get this is by playing an NTSC Cartridge in the PAL console. The music in that case was made to run at 60hz but is being slowed down to 50hz. In the video you can compare both PAL and NTSC Music speeds and compare them to Ryan's Video. The piece movements are also slowed down from what they're supposed to be, most notably the side to side movements of pieces.

    (Technical stuff)
    If a direction is held, then the piece is moved at an even number of frames depending on the tetris version. On PAL the number is 4 frames which at 50hz gives it a side to side movement of 12,5 Movements/second (50/4). and in NTSC the number is 6 frames which in 60hz is 10 movements/second (60/6). However if you're running NTSC in a PAL NES you get 8,3 Movements/Second (50/6). And that slowed down side to side movement is what you can see in Ryan's run.

    It's also worth mentioning that Ryan's previous PAL Lines PB was disputed and removed for being played on an NTSC cartridge. In that video the same setup was shown and that indicating that this run and the disputed and removed run uses the same setup as each others. Aka an NTSC cart instead of a PAL cart in the PAL NES.

    I made a quick video with no script to show the differences in music and pretty much go over all the points i've written down here.
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  3. 06-08-2021, 02:06 AM
    I am surprised this dispute is still active. It is obvious and clear evidence that foul play is afoot. This certainly seems to be incontrovertible evidence that the wrong cart was used in a PAL system.

    However, this brings up a larger issue. Ryan has many records set on PAL systems. Should this investigation be widened to see if there are other games that follow this same pattern of a NTSC cart being played on a PAL system?

    Is something like this enough to launch an investigation into Ryan directly to see how many scores are bogus? I'd support the removal of his scores across the board if he is found to be cheating the system with using NTSC cartridges on PAL systems. An isolated incident is one thing. Accidents happen. More than once or twice however and you establish a pattern. A pattern of willful neglect for the rules is not something anyone should stand for.
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