Arcade - Hydro Thunder - Arctic Circle [Fastest Race] - 01:36.18 - Joshua Francis

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  1. Arcade - Hydro Thunder - Arctic Circle [Fastest Race] - 01:36.18 - Joshua Francis

    05-12-2021, 10:24 PM

    Arctic Circle [Fastest Race]

    Use Force Feedback: Yes
    Force Feedback Adjust: 50%
    Metric: Off
    Free Play: Off
    Free Race for 1st: On
    Min Multi-Player For Free Race: Off
    Enable All Boats: On
    Unlock All Tracks: On
    Pricing Menu: Optional [Due to the enormous amount of options available]
    Track Difficulty: 40
    AI Difficulty: 50
    Free Race Limiter: Off
    Limit Free Races: 20%
    Special Rules: This is a 1 Player Variation ONLY! If you have a Linked Cabinet, you must ensure NO OTHER PLAYERS JOIN IN as this MUST BE a Solo Attempt. Although you don't need to be in First place, you MUST complete the race for your time to count.
    Submission Message
    This time I remembered to show the track/AI difficulty and didn't disable the AI. Run starts at 17 minutes

    Full Twitch Stream

  2. 05-14-2021, 05:46 AM
    So close to we! Keep it up!!!
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  3. 05-16-2021, 10:09 PM
    Arcade-Hydro Thunder
    Original Hardware: Verified
    Correct Settings: Verified (Opening of the video)
    Game starts around 16:53
    Race ends around 18:45

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