Android - 100! Puzzle - Points (Casual) - 3,414 - Luigi Ruffolo

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  1. Android - 100! Puzzle - Points (Casual) - 3,414 - Luigi Ruffolo

    05-23-2021, 02:21 AM

    Points (Casual)
    This is the Sidewinder Games release. 100! puzzle has four basic modes: Casual, Timed, Moves, and L Mode. You may start a new game in each of the four modes with a maximum of two Crosses, two Color Picks, and two Refreshes (this is the standard equipment when you install or reinstall the app). Those power-ups are shown in the lower part of the screen. Further kinds of power-ups and store purchases are not allowed.
    Submission Message
    The run starts at 0:13.
    Score at 15:39.

    Note that, unfortunately, this game doesn't show on the screen, in a clear way, in which of the four modes you're playing or you played. Actually, this is not a big issue, due to the fact that a time counter is displayed on the screen when you're playing in Timed mode. And the number of moves is shown when you're playing in Moved mode. Besides, if you pick the L mode, you'll use only "L" shaped pieces, while in Casual Mode you'll use all kinds of pieces, including 1x1/2x2/3x3/4x4 square pieces, and those "I" shaped. An example of this is shown in a screenshot below (it's at 5:00 in the video). Therefore watching someone playing, even just for a short time, you can easily understand if he/she is playing in Casual Mode whether in L Mode.

  2. 05-23-2021, 02:56 AM
    Here's the L Mode submission for a comparison
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