Android - 100! Puzzle - Points (Timed) - 937 - Luigi Ruffolo

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  1. Android - 100! Puzzle - Points (Timed) - 937 - Luigi Ruffolo

    05-23-2021, 03:28 AM

    Points (Timed)
    This is the Sidewinder Games release. 100! puzzle has four basic modes: Casual, Timed, Moves, and L Mode. You may start a new game in each of the four modes with a maximum of two Crosses, two Color Picks, and two Refreshes (this is the standard equipment when you install or reinstall the app). Those power-ups are shown in the lower part of the screen. Further kinds of power-ups and store purchases are not allowed.
    Submission Message
    The best attempt starts at 2:04.
    Score at 4:51.

    The Timed Mode is recognizable 'cause a time counter is displayed on the screen (this doesn't happen in the other modes). You can take a look at my L Mode and Casual Mode submissions for a comparison

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  2. 05-23-2021, 11:01 AM
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    Game starts at 2:04 on the video
    Final score is at 4:51 on the videoName:  Screenshot_20210523-140139.png
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