SNES / SFC - Super Tetris 3 - Points - 999,999 - Michael Dyst

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  1. SNES / SFC - Super Tetris 3 - Points - 999,999 - Michael Dyst

    05-25-2021, 01:45 AM

    Rules:1 PlayerTetris Classic - Endless ModeMay choose any level to start onMay choose any music or SilenceScore maxes out at 999,999
    Submission Message
    this is the 3rd version of Tetris I've gotten a maxout in (the other ones being Super Tetris 2 and Tetris Plus) and I this yesterday afternoon on the 24th May here in Brøndbyøster in Denmark....

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  2. 05-26-2021, 04:08 PM
    Great playing! I'm voting yes on this, however, I would recommend also showing the console in the future. Some voters get a little bit weirded out on orig hardware submissions where there is nothing in the evidence demonstrating that it was done on original hardware. (unless of course I missed it)
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