PC - 10 Second Ninja X - World 4 - Level III - 02.88 - Luigi Ruffolo

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  1. PC - 10 Second Ninja X - World 4 - Level III - 02.88 - Luigi Ruffolo

    05-26-2021, 06:37 AM

    World 4 - Level III
    No settings to change. No manual timing. The final time will be the one displayed by the game at the end of the level. *Since worlds are not numbered, follow the next list for reference. World 1 - Bottom level, left side World 2 - Bottom level, right side World 3 - Mid-level, left side World 4 - Mid-level, right side World 5 - Top-level, left side World 6 - Top-level, right side
    Submission Message
    Level selected at 0:41.
    The best attempt starts at 3:09.
    Time at 3:17.

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  2. 05-26-2021, 03:12 PM
    Level and time confirmed. Voting yes.
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  3. 05-27-2021, 04:12 AM

    This is a very interesting run, as it demonstrates that a player can suffer a death and still complete the level successfully.

    My first viewing of the video was at normal speed, and I had some difficulty following the game's progress. It wasn't until I examined the action frame-by-frame (from 3:10 to 3:14) that I fully appreciated what is happening.

    At the 3:12.275 mark, the player fires a shot to the right (see below). This shot will ricochet 4 times, eventually destroying both robots at the top of the screen:

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    At 3:12.391 (7 frames later), the player touches the blue electrical current while the previously fired shot has caromed off the bottom right angled cushion, and is heading toward the robot at the top right of the screen:

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    At 3:12.408 (1 frame later), the player death has been recognized and the big red "X" begins to appear. At this point, both robots at the top of the screen are still intact:

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    At 3:12.741 (20 frames later), the top right robot has been destroyed. The fired shot has rebounded and is heading downward:

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    At 3:13.141 (24 frames later), the fired shot has touched both of the angled cushions at the bottom, and is on its way to the final robot at the top left of the screen:

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    At 3:13.341 (12 frames later), the last remaining robot has been eliminated, and the "New Best" message begins to appear:

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    So, the player managed to successfully complete the level despite suffering a death 56 frames earlier, thanks to a timely shot that was fired 8 frames before the death was detected.

    Well done!

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