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  1. - Robert T Mruczek

    05-28-2021, 05:38 PM
    To TG Management Team:

    It has been suggested that to be fair a "post-verdict" thread be formally established regarding gamer Todd Rogers, in-line with similar action taken RE Billy Mitchell.

    Just relaying some sentiment here albeit from a single gamer, but the point has merit for those who wish to discuss the matter on a dedicated thread.

    And while it has been suggested that I have some "pull" in this matter, I clearly do not as I am neither TG staffer nor partial owner nor paid consultant, I am simply one voice out of many.

    Thoughts ?

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  2. 05-30-2021, 10:27 PM
    thank you. Anything in defense of todd, over even not so much defense as critical with portions of the case against todd, has been recently covered i believe to satisfaction for now, but as i've played games i have come across other issues.

    Intellivison, dreadnaught factor. While the highest difficulty i believe allows marathoning (if you're good enough) the difficulty todd plays at has a maxout since the game ends. I cant be sure the exact point value of the maxout, but whatever it is, todd's score is way beyond it. Theres only so many targets to hit. You can look at current scores, whats missed, and conclude the max isnt much higher. If we ignore any feelings against todd, and treat this without prejudice, of course typos, or even scores for another difficulty cant be dismissed but i still felt this worth note

    Journey escape. Though the game is easy, even giving you pauses, there is one thing that makes it hard. no life reserve. If you lose just once its over. I like to make the analogy, if you ask someone whats 2+2 a thousand times in a row they'll eventually get it wrong. Easy as the game is, you literally can never mess up. If you play a level extra well, extra fast and miss the escape vehicle, too bad game over. If you play it too slow, definltey game over. And across a long time, some almost guarding positionis are inevitable. Add to that it being 100 hours. Not a reason for dispute, though i know informal doubt was cast on it due to the length alone, being more familiar with the game i'm now more aware jus how hard that would've been to pull off.
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  3. 05-31-2021, 12:18 AM
    The "Journey Escape" game is like "Enduro" in that one bad track/level and that's all she wrote. Very unforgiving.

    Todd explained to me many years back that there was a special way to identify when "Journey Escape" rolled, even showed me pics of it. Can't remember what it was, but I remember when someone rolled "Stratovox" for the first time there was an indicator that showed this had happened, something very small but clearly indicative. I never saw his JE performance and had always assumed that Ron had verified it, but I thought Todd said that he played that game for something in the range of over-80 hours, and to that extent in the 84-85 hour range.

    Performances in excess of 60 hours existed already, and Todd was playing a title where he could sit down in comfort, so based on his track record of supposedly verified other marathons (he unofficially had the record for the most 24+ hour marathon performances) this seemed like just another marathon...for Todd, anyway...albeit a long one.

    He supposedly had a 40+ hour marathon at "Enduro" under his belt at that point in time...the issue of whether it truly occurred was not something that was debated up to that point.

    The only 100+ hour marathon claim came from Corcoran who claimed a massive 100M+ score on I THINK "Tron Adventure" by Mattel...I forget if it was for the Intellivision system, though. Ron claimed playing for 80+ hours, taking an allowed break for an hour or two, then resuming to play until completion. I have no idea who verified that one at the time, assuming it was either Stephen Knox or Todd. In fact I'm not 100% sure if it was actually entered into the TG database or not though likely was by Ron himself prior to his removal (arrest). Keep in mind these events took place 15-20 years ago, and chief referee or not (A) I was not always at the forefront of every validation and score entry, and (B) I did not make it a point to memorize which referee entered which score. There was no need to seeing how the database itself preserved that info.

    That someone could legitimately play JE for an extended length is not outside of the realm of possibility. Just because the game has a small margin for error does not preclude someone from doing so. But don't ask me to speculate as to what point the possibility starts to become less possible and even impossible. 5-6 hours, sure, not a problem. 10-12, possible, just don't get cocky.

    24 ? Better not fall asleep or allow yourself to get distracted even in the slightest, but it just keeps getting harder from there.
  4. 05-31-2021, 08:19 AM
    you may be right about it being 80+ and not 100 hrs for journey escape, either way insanely long. I do remember when mike morrow still had the asteroids atari marathon for something like 35 hrs there was an argument that if mikes 35 hr marathon didnt need the level of proof people demanded of todd's 80+ hour one then todd didnt either. the counter of course is 80 hrs is more impressive and therefore requires more proof than 35 hours.

    for ron's 100 hour i believe it was discs of tron, if i recall that was a real sore point among top intellivision players and that dispute led to tangents which ultimately led to ron's ban.

    enduro does have the simliarty of not much buffer, but also some difference. in enduro, unlike journey escape, any one mistake is forgivable, you can build a slight buffer. as long as you complete the number of cars passed for the day, you can spend the rest of the "day" making as many mistakes as you like. but yeah at the end of 'day' the buffer is gone, so although enduro does give a margin of error its a very small margin of error unlike journey escape which you just plain cant miss the escape vehicle period. enduro also has no pause points, so only chance at a bathroom break is if you complete the current day earlier enough to run off before the next day begins. to put it bluntly, peeing would be insanely difficult if possible at all, and ******* just isnt realistic so that'll affect human time limits as well.

    as for the journey escape indicator, it has to do with, two digits can record more than 99 if you go beyond base 10 as intelliviosn often does for final digit. so the count would be 1,2,3,.....98,99,$0,$1,$2,.... (it might not have been a dollar sign might have been an ! or any other symbol). I'd be curious if a programmer could read or edit the rom to see if that really happens after the 100th roll over. Cause theres only so many possiblities. Either todd did it for real, or someone else who did it for real gave him credit (unlikely), or someone capable of reading/editing rom figured it out (i'm not sure if ron had that technical knowledge), or if it was just an outright guess. confirming if its even true would be interesting
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  5. 05-31-2021, 09:13 AM
    I don't know about Todd's expertise with reading Atari 2600 ROMs and the like, but unrelated to TG scores He told me that when we were both playing "Farmville" on Facebook that he did something in order to allow him to "plant" 16 objects in a single plot thus raising his game-dollars and experience levels to ridiculously high thresholds. I saw screenshots of this and just assumed he somehow knew how to manipulate these things as described...either he did or he was shown by someone else. Either way he knew "something" about one or more forms of programming.
  6. 06-02-2021, 05:28 AM
    I never verified any Marathon scores
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  7. 06-02-2021, 08:38 AM
    Thanks, S !!

    That leaves Ron. I never questioned his doing so as I watched enough of my own spaced out over several days each...I figured if I could watch them with my job he could do same. The assumption of course was that he actually DID watch them.

    When Todd first came onboard I was not even a referee, but Ron was. I had always assumed that it was Ron who verified Todd's original submissions and paperwork to TG and then subsequent submissions as they came up.

    What made me wonder, eventually, was a brief moment in time when for a two week stretch or so they traded 1st place on Atari 2600 "Ms Pacman" with higher and higher scores...from each of them...every 2 days or so. I wondered how the heck could they BOTH watch the other's submission, then set their own, and all the while maintain a job (in Ron's case) and basic eating/sleeping needs ? Just did not make apparent sense during this back and forth p***ing match.

    I never did find out for certain who validated (or at least claimed to have done so) Todd's "Journey Escape" submission. I had always assumed Ron handled all of the other marathons but as you know, it's not like there was a dual-entry score validation in the old TG database back then...each referee was wholly responsible entry of their own submissions viewed as well as being questioned after the fact as needed, though realistically that kind of went out the door once Ron was ousted and all his tapes were never to be found save for a very small cache (which STILL has yet to be found)
  8. 06-03-2021, 05:18 AM
    Ron performed verification of all 2600 scores regardless of submission - even his own(Though he might have used Todd as a proxy to make things look legit). Todd's stuff went through Ron. Like you Robert I didnt question Ron's integrity in this situation. I had my suspicions as well when I played 800 Defender for 4 hours to get a ~3M score and submitted around 11pm only to find my score surpassed by Ron at 9am the next morning.
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  9. 06-03-2021, 08:48 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Snowflake View Post
    as for the journey escape indicator, it has to do with, two digits can record more than 99 if you go beyond base 10 as intelliviosn often does for final digit. so the count would be 1,2,3,.....98,99,$0,$1,$2,.... (it might not have been a dollar sign might have been an ! or any other symbol). I'd be curious if a programmer could read or edit the rom to see if that really happens after the 100th roll over.
    I have conducted all of the testing.

    The score is stored in BCD (binary coded decimal)* in RAM address &H90, &H91, and &H92, with &H92 being the right-most two digits, which by default are a static zero, as all scoring opportunities are divisible by 100.
    The default scoreboard format is "$ABCDE". The "ABCDE" represents the 5-digit score until the score reaches 100K, at which point the "$" turns to a positive 100K digit.
    This dynamic remains until the score reaches 1,000,000, at which point the left-most digit returns to the "$", and the right-most digit increments by 1.
    This dynamic remains until the right-most digit's value reaches 10, at which point, the ones digit reverts back to zero, and the tens digit increments by 1.
    Effectively, the last two digits are the "rollover counter*" ... sort of ...

    Here is where the divergence occurs:
    After the player rolls over the score 99 times, the $H92 byte has a value of "99", as expected.
    When the player reaches 100,000,000, the left-most digit reverts back to "$" as usual, however, byte $H92 which *WAS* in binary coded decimal now behaves as a hexadecimal, the $H92 byte increments not back to "00", rather, it increments to "9A", the fifth digit remains a "9", and the last digit on the scoreboard turns into a blank space. From this point forward, byte $H92 remains being treated as a hexadecimal, and increments as such.
    For example, if the score was 100,032,600 after the 100th rollover, the scoreboard will show "$3269 ". On the 101st rollover, byte $H92 increments by 1 to "9B", and the right-most digit turns into a "$". On the 102nd rollover, byte $H92 increments to "9C"", and that last digit turns into the "SS" sprite. 103rd, "9D", "JC". 104th, "9E", "RV". 105th, "9F", "NS". Since &H92 is now hex, 106th rollover will show "$326 0", and the routine before repeats itself with logic continuity until 201st rollover, which appears as "$326NSNS" on the scoreboard. Finally the scoreboard does not completely reset to zeros across the board until 202,000,000.

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  10. 06-03-2021, 09:01 AM
    thx garret, based only on characters i assumed it was like intellivision or multiple arcade games where the most signficant digit just keeps going. This is neat though, it swaps from bcd to hex, i wouldnt have guessed that.

    This means they knew how the game behaved at that point. Even if the screenshot was faked, at a minimum it means they knew the right way to fake it. I guess all thats left is to speculate if this is evidence todd did it for real, or if this is evidence of elaborate evidence faking on their part.
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