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    05-20-2021, 11:01 AM
    I've been getting into some of whats I'd term Silver age games ie around Space Invaders time but before the true golden age of Pacman, Defender etc.

    Got a good score on Galaxy Wars but when I went to submit it, I noticed that the setting listed is 2 lives, extra at 3,000 instead of the factory setting which I'd used in ignorance of 3 lives and extra at 3,000.

    All the scores listed are quite old so you can't view the performance (unless somehow you can that I'm not aware of) so can;t check that they were indeed done on 2 lives instead of 3. But it just seems odd to have a setting different from the default for such a reasonably obscure game.

    Just wondering if somehow the setting is a typo or would it 100% be correct? If so wonder why it was used - it's not a game that last for ages where you would want/need to reduce the gameplay time by reducing the number of men.

    Welcome any thoughts/info.

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