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  1. - Marc Loscombe

    06-06-2021, 06:19 AM
    Been binge-watching a lot of Summoning Salt videos lately and it pushed me into attempting speedrunning some old Master System games I used to play religiously as a child. However, what I've noticed is that as far as older 8-bit titles go, it seems to be dominated by Nintendo titles like Super Mario Bros, Zelda and Castlevania.

    I initially started doing individual level runs on Sonic 1 (SMS) on speedrun.com, tying first for Green Hill Act 1 and a tied second on Act 2. The use of glitches kinda turns me off though. So I checked here and saw a full game run, undisputed for 5 years and on my first run I beat the NTSC Minimalist Run time WITH some deaths (currently awaiting verification).

    What I've noticed though is that there doesn't seem to be much competition within the 8-bit Sonic titles, with very few records being set or even contested.
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