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    06-07-2021, 03:50 PM
    I believe i have the game figured out, but its not enough to know the strategy, you have to be able to immediately do the right thing -- not sure correct word for that. its not reflexes so much as it is "knowing cold", knowing what to do and doing it about as fast as a reflext would be, "trained reflexes" maybe? whatever the case yeah i know what to do just dont have the trained reflexes yet.

    so you have bullets (never use them), and two phase of shield. you can ram things to kill them. when the shiled first returns you must be careul when ramming to immediately pull back and not go through where the enemy was less the shrapnel hit you.

    When the shields are full strength, have fun killing with easy, but remember you get to kill one thing before your shield is gone

    Bonus points from shrapnel of enemies hitting other enemies isnt needed to plan for

    the ship that fires, now thats thte problem. the game is boringly easy until that shows up, and then for 1/2 a second becomes super hard. it seems to come at regular intervals so that helps. me, its how long i take to count to 10 when tense, which is a quite a bit less than 10 seconds. knowing roughly when it will show up helps you prepare to be in a spot where you have movement space to dodge it and what lacks as movement space counts as blockers

    The ship can only fire diagnally so you can stay in it vertical and horizontal blind spots moving with it hoping something eventually hit it or until it moves off screen. you can try to rush in through the blindspot and hit it, but as you get close so does the angle that hits you so there is some risk. and of course you can just try to hide behind other enemies. depends on the case what to do

    and that seems to be it

    all that gets me, is i know what to do, but in a quick decision i hestitate, i just need to be able to instantly recall what to do from what i already wrote and know here
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  2. 06-08-2021, 10:51 PM
    You've been very secretive with your message)). But thank you for the detailed advice!
  3. 06-08-2021, 11:37 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by PhillipDine View Post
    You've been very secretive with your message)). But thank you for the detailed advice!
    Looks like that post got hit with the stealth text bug.

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