Arcade - Donkey Kong - Points [Hammer Allowed] - 1,272,800 - Robbie Lakeman

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  1. 06-11-2021, 04:52 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by LMDAVE View Post
    I'm just curious why did you go out of your way to show a voltage reading that ended up being on the low end? There was no reason to show that.
    Voltage levels affect different company's hardware differently, but in general you want your +5vdc between 5v - 5.15v. Same goes for the milliamps (mA). For example, Atari's arcade boards are typically pretty tolerant when the voltage is outside that range (anywhere from 4.5v to 6v. Williams early hardware is quite the opposite. For example, with a game like Joust, if your +5v is at exactly +5v, there's a good chance the game won't run (and you'll instead get the 'rug' pattern constantly displayed); bump it up to 5.05v, and chances are it'll run. With other company's hardware, if you drop below 4.75v, you'll start seeing glitches with the game, usually affecting the RAM (which results in graphics glitches).

    When setting voltage levels, you typically want to meter the voltage from the game pcb (some boards have test points for that reason). The reason you want to test it at the board is because the load of the game pcb will cause it to drop by the time it reaches the ICs and other components. For that reason, I usually set the voltage at 5.15v at the power supply, to take that drop into account. The voltage reading at Lakeman's power supply is likely +5v or very close to it. In my experience (as a +25 year professional arcade tech), Nintendo boards are fairly tolerant of voltages outside of that 5v - 5.15v range. But remember we're talking about 40 year old technology with most of these old games, so it's very likely some of those pcb components will have fallen out of their own tolerances, so there's no guarantee at this point that a 40 y.o. game won't have issues if the +5v drops a mere 1/4th of a volt.

    Lastly, FYI regarding Donkey Kong (or any early Nintendo arcade games), the audio isn't amplified on the game pcb but rather by the monitor; the monitor contains the amplifier circuit, so if the line level audio isn't being generated from the game pcb, any lack of audio issue would be elsewhere (wiring, speaker, amplifier).
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  2. 06-11-2021, 08:31 PM
    FYI there is sound :)
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  3. 06-13-2021, 02:32 AM
    From watching Robbie most times he streams, and picking up a lot of what I know to this day from his previous videos, we all know it's legit. The man can play this game without thinking and it was only a matter of time when this score was going to drop from his recent dedication and regular play. I know where he is coming from with the sound as I did the same thing from some of my earlier kill screens when I was saying dumb stuff that I wasn't proud of.

    Easy accept. He's proved himself time and time again, on original hardware, at many live events.
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  4. 06-13-2021, 10:34 AM
    Thank you Robbie for including additional evidence including the audio. Thank you for explaining to me that you wanted to remove some cussing or swearing or bitching or things like that I get that. Some people would get offended over things that you may have said on the stream and try to use that against you somehow.

    You've proven once again that you are the king of Kong.

    I am very happy to accept this submission.

    As for voltage levels I think that's a great thing to include. People who say it could have no possible effect on randomness really don't know what they're talking about. I could write an algorithm that checks a sensor to see what the voltage level is and use that as a seed for my random formula. So the seed of a random formula indeed affects the randomness. I'm not saying Donkey Kong does that I just don't know. Also not supplying the proper voltages to graphics chips certainly will cause glitches why wouldn't it affect ram why wouldn't it affect other parts? Not sure why people are all up in your face about this anyway. Unless they're trying to hide something themselves.
  5. 06-14-2021, 11:32 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Foot0fGod View Post
    Would you upload the full audio to somewhere besides TG? Audio gaps aren't a trivial issue. Audio gaps are the number one way to catch spliced footage. It's just inviting the devil to let one of the most common forms of faking runs become an acceptable standard. If you're going to cut the audio, you might as well not show the board. Or your face. Or anything beyond general film of gameplay of no particular standard and we'll just decide who is trustworthy and who isn't based on gut feeling and tea leaves.
    I would 100% agree with you if this was a direct feed recording. Since it's not the easiest way to find a splice would be the video itself. I would be more worried about the type of cheating that Goldeneye player did years back with playing back a cheated recording through his tv while pretending to play with this type of recording.
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  6. 06-14-2021, 11:33 AM
    Let's be honest here too... If Robbie submitted his run with the audio completely fine in the original video nobody on this site would of looked for audio splices.
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  7. 06-14-2021, 12:27 PM
    I just want to be clear that I 100% believe this performance is legit. I know TG philosophy of voting on if you think a performance is legit but I do think there are some standards that can't be so easily crossed. I mean, I believe a good 99% of people on their word. If most of the legendary players came to me and said 'hey, I started a throwaway game yesterday, got on 'the run,' and broke X record,' I'd probably believe them. But that wouldn't be enough for me to vote Yes, even though I'm thoroughly convinced. It's just two issues clashing. No matter who says it, it's not as easy as 'if you think the performance is valid.' Really it's 'do you think the evidence pack is compelling.'

    At any rate, I'm convinced this run is real. I just don't know if standards can drop this low. I'm abstaining and won't fight it if it passes any longer.
  8. 06-14-2021, 12:33 PM
    The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

    This is why I wonder about previous DK record holders. Did they manipulate voltages? Are we looking at a Lance Armstrong Tour De Farce?

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  9. 06-14-2021, 04:36 PM
    Robbie has previously streamed videos where his board voltage was intentionally set low, triggering glitches. These included errors in scoring, such as misapplying the bonus timer. I personally watched another player stream a 21m point game after his machine suffered an electrical fault. In that instance there were no sprite errors.

    Has anyone transcribed the game to verify that all the points add up?
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