M.A.M.E. - Zoar - Points - 75,180 - Luigi Ruffolo

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  1. M.A.M.E. - Zoar - Points - 75,180 - Luigi Ruffolo

    06-14-2021, 10:08 AM

    WolfMame version
    ROMSet: Zoar
    Unknown: Off [All]
    Service Mode: Off
    Cabinet: Upright
    Lives: 3
    Bonus: 5000
    Difficulty: Easy
    Weapon Select: Off
    Special Rules: None
    Submission Message
    The run starts at 0:47.
    DIP switches shown at 0:36.
    Score at 6:45.

    Note that I picked "Weapon Select: Auto" because there was only another selectable option: "Weapon Select: Manual" (no "Weapon Select: Off" offered). This is shown at 0:35/0:36 in the video. I reckon that, according to the rules, the switch must be in "off" position, hence "Auto".
    Besides, I watched how Dick Moreland played this (other scores are older) and it seems to me he also picked "Weapon Select: Auto".
    Anyway, if you don't like this, I recorded another game (manual selection selected, this time) achieving a similar score so I can submit the other inp/video instead, lol.

    Attached Files Attached Files
  2. 06-14-2021, 10:57 AM
    Do you do anything special to keep the sound going all the time with this game? Mine cuts out a lot.

    INPVIEW: using layout type 'standard' for player 1
    Input file: lru_zoar_75180_w220.inp
    INP version 3.5
    Created Mon Jun 14 11:24:22 2021

    Recorded using 0.220W (wolf220)
    Total playback frames: 23036
    Average recorded speed: 99%
    Average speed: 381.13% (402 seconds)
    Attached Images Attached Images   
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  3. 06-14-2021, 11:05 AM
    No, I recorded as usual and I didn't experience any issue with sound (from what I know, at least...).
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