Intellivision - Ice Trek - NTSC/PAL - Level 3 - Points - 12,120 - Rickster8

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  1. Intellivision - Ice Trek - NTSC/PAL - Level 3 - Points - 12,120 - Rickster8

    06-16-2021, 08:00 AM

    NTSC/PAL - Level 3 - Points
    This variation is for both NTSC and PAL as there is no difference between the two on the Intellivision Video Game Console.
    Press button 3 for Level 3.
    Submission Message
    This is my submission for Ice Trek (Medium Level-3) on the Intellivision. My final score was 12,120 points. There is only one run on this video. Settings selection (button 3 pressed on video) is shown at the 0:26 mark. Also shown at the 0:26 mark is the number '4' in green at the top of the screen. This is further evidence that Game Level 3 (Medium Level) was played. Final score of 12,120 points is shown at the 24:08 mark. Boot up occurs at the beginning of the video. Intellivision Hardware shown at the end, power was on and the Ice Trek cartridge was shown in the port. I then reset the system and flicked the power off. Thx

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  2. 06-16-2021, 08:04 AM
    Note for voters. On Game Level 3 you start with 4 guys.
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