Dispute: Blair Weston - Sega Genesis / Sega Mega Drive - Strider 2 - PAL - Points - Player: Ryan Genno - Blair Weston

Is this a valid dispute?

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  1. Dispute: Blair Weston - Sega Genesis / Sega Mega Drive - Strider 2 - PAL - Points - Player: Ryan Genno - Blair Weston

    06-23-2021, 02:15 AM
    Sega Genesis / Sega Mega Drive - Strider 2 - PAL - Points

    Normal Difficulty, Any Button Configuration [No Continues Allowed!]
    Special Rules: None
    Player Name
    Ryan Genno
    Original Adjudication
    Verification Method
    Verification Date
    Disputed Score
    23,655 (Rank 1)
    Disputed By
    Dispute Evidence / Rationale
    NTSC Cart played on Japanese MD2

    for reference here is the ntsc and PAL carts
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  2. 06-23-2021, 02:18 AM
    Cart shown here is the NTSC version, this is not PAL
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  3. 06-23-2021, 06:58 AM
    Easy yes. This seems to be a common occurrence with Ryan. NTSC carts used on a PAL system. Most of his NES PAL records are a similar combination.
  4. 06-23-2021, 08:00 AM
    by default, i'd say this is a valid dispute, but it has to be asked if the rom is identical for the pal and ntsc version or not. in the abscence of such knowledge, i think it has to be played safe and rejected score (accepted dispute) but i still feel its worth asking just in case anyone knows
    Lode Runner champ, also, Roy was right
  5. 06-23-2021, 08:08 AM
    No rom is the same between PAL and NTSC.
  6. 06-23-2021, 07:02 PM

    This is what a PAL Mega Drive 2 looks like. Take note of the MEGA DRIVE II on the bottom right of the console. Japanese mega drive consoles have the yellowish 2 like you see on the displayed console.

    If the disputer is correct, there is literally nothing related to PAL about this submission.

    Japanese console is NTSC, USA cart is also NTSC. NTSC + NTSC =/= PAL

    This brings up a much different problem in that how did the supposed "adjudicators" not realize this in the first place? Did they just see the "Mega Drive" and assume it was a PAL console? How does this get past so many people without so much as a question being asked about the validity of the console.

    Now.. I get to look at all the so claimed PAL submissions and I bet I will find the japanese mega drive 2 console in a good number if not all of them.
  7. 06-23-2021, 07:03 PM
    It looks to me that this is both an NTSC cart and system.

    The system looks to be a JP MD2 and that would be NTSC.

    The cart is 100% NTSC as the label is telling.

    Seems to me that the post was just made in the wrong section?

    This is what I gathered from just 10 minutes of poking around google looking for EU and JP systems and games.
  8. 06-23-2021, 07:17 PM
    . lol
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  9. 06-24-2021, 05:16 AM
    A Brazilian console looks different than a japanese console. The Brazilian megadrive 2 looks like the original genesis design. It was not until the megadrive 3 brazilian model did it change to look like a megadrive 2. On a brazilian megadrive console the only marking on it is the MEGA DRVE III right above the cartridge port.

    For reference: https://segaretro.org/Mega_Drive_consoles_in_Brazil


    The console being used is this one from Japan: https://segaretro.org/File:Megadrive2.jpg

    Ignorance is not an excuse. This score as well as every other one of the PAL scores from Ryan are not even done on a PAL console, much less in this case a PAL cartridge either.
  10. 06-30-2021, 12:57 PM
    Voting yes....
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