M.A.M.E. - Dogyuun - Points [1 Player Only] - 1,182,230 - Michal Kellner

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  1. M.A.M.E. - Dogyuun - Points [1 Player Only] - 1,182,230 - Michal Kellner

    06-29-2021, 02:35 PM

    Points [1 Player Only]
    WolfMame version
    ROMSet: Dogyuun
    Flip Screen: Off
    Service Mode: Off
    Free Play: Off
    Difficulty: Medium
    Lives: 3
    Bonus Life: 200k Only
    Invulnerability: Off
    Allow Continue: No
    Territory: Europe
    Special Rules: This is a Single Player ONLY Variation! Continues are NOT allowed!
    Submission Message

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  2. 06-30-2021, 06:06 AM
    First screenshot during play showing dips, more points were added during the process of the game ending.

    Input file: dgy.inp
    INP version 3.5
    Created Tue Jun 29 16:29:14 2021

    Recorded using 0.183W (unknown)
    Total playback frames: 55205
    Average recorded speed: 100%
    Average speed: 261.88% (927 seconds)
    Attached Images Attached Images   
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  3. 07-23-2021, 02:17 AM
    I assume that "Medium" is the same as "Normal" here.
  4. 07-23-2021, 02:34 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Luigi Ruffolo View Post
    I assume that "Medium" is the same as "Normal" here.
    Yep they are the same I think the difficulty setting was renamed to 'Normal' from 'Medium' in the higher WolfMAME versions correct me if I'm wrong
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  5. 07-24-2021, 02:49 PM
    I don't see the "Territory: Europe" setting.
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  6. 07-24-2021, 04:08 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Bishop Black View Post
    I don't see the "Territory: Europe" setting.

    Yes, it appears that some dip settings disappear at some point along the history of older to newer mame versions, and some appear. Also some terminology changes, like difficulty being easy/medium/hard, and normal/whatever at other points in the mame history of the same game romset. It makes it tricky.
  7. 07-24-2021, 05:03 PM
    Which makes this a good time to throw this question out there. Is there hopefully a website that you guys use for the current & definitive history of each romset? I don't see anything immediately on marp. Thank you.
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