Arcade - Super Bikes 2 - Most Bike Air Time Shanghai - 13.8 - Juan Torres

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  1. Arcade - Super Bikes 2 - Most Bike Air Time Shanghai - 13.8 - Juan Torres

    07-15-2021, 03:46 PM

    Most Bike Air Time Shanghai
    1. 1 player only & any car, modifications, transmissions, difficulty, 4 turbo boost 1 at the start, 3 in reserve are allowed. Normal short cuts are ok.2. Start Time can be 80 seconds or less & Check Point Bonus Time can be 30 seconds or less.(They can be verified & seen at the start & during the race. These 2 game settings are the only ones you can see in the race.)3. The player must show enough of the arcade game cabinet to confirm that the correct peripherals like a steering wheel, pedal, and gear stick are being used. Game settings are not required to be seen.4. Glitches, car simulators, use of PC home version, emulators, wall-riding, cheat codes, clipping of the track, illegal short-cuts, or hacking of the original game programming is prohibited.5. Conversion kits are allowed but must be in an arcade game cabinet.
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    Bonus air time 1.38
    To get the total air time you have to multiply 1.38 x 10 = 13.8 seconds then change it to bonus Air Time you multiply .10 x 13.8 seconds Air Time = 1.38 it exactly the same calculations that are for the past Raw Thrills arcade racing games The Fast and the Furious , The Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift, Super Bikes, Fast and Furious Super Cars / Super Cars and also, Super Bikes 2

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