- Allen Carver

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  1. - Allen Carver

    07-16-2021, 05:18 AM
    Hey everyone,

    I was looking around in the forums here and couldn't find the answers I was looking for so I will ask.

    I wanted to get the communities view on CD media, specifically CD-R or burned CD's when attempting records.

    Now I ask this because it is legal to own a back up of any software you buy and some of these CD game are harder to come by and very pricey.

    I am kind of on the fence with this as you would use it in your original hardware but it is not original media, but then again the everdrive

    and the like are not original media either but we accept it due to the nature of how it works.

    One could argue that CD-R media is just a single game everdrive.

    So you can see already what the question will be. Would this be an acceptable form of submission?

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