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  1. - Matthew Paul Peterson

    07-16-2021, 06:39 PM
    Hi all! This is my first post on the forum (though I've submitted a few records for Metroid Prime Pinball in the past).

    Recently my copy of Metroid Prime Pinball hit its end of life, as the flash memory seems to have degraded to a point where it cannot save. For whatever reason, the developers decided that you cannot even start the game if it cannot save... so I've ordered another copy on eBay.

    In the meantime, I've been practicing using the flash carts that I have for the Nintendo DS (I noticed some other users' records were recorded using Nintendo DS flash carts on TG, previously), and I've noticed considerable slowdown in certain areas when playing (even worse slowdown is immediately noticeable if the anti-piracy patches aren't disabled).

    I've also tried the nds-bootstrap on the Nintendo DSi which allows you to play Nintendo DS backups via the SD card slot, and this has the same kind of slowdown as the flash carts when running in DS mode (NTR is 67 MHz) but not when running in DSi mode (TWL is 133 MHz).

    I understand that eventually the flash memory in all of these old games will fail and we'll have no choice but to rely on backup loaders, but what is the current standard for best practices?
    Allowing flash carts that introduce slowdown?
    Allowing special modes like the DSi's increased clock speed to combat slowdown?
    Or just not allowing flash carts if the game can suffer from slowdown?
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  2. 07-16-2021, 07:01 PM
    I've went thru several iterations of the flashcarts-the modern ones don't have the same issues as the earlier ones, I'm only guessing(not accusing-Man, is "never a worry" with me!)you might have an older cart.
    I was/am(I think it's defunct...)a moderator for NEOFlash, and "our" NDS stuff was soooo bad, borderline unplayable on some games, but the kinks have really been worked out on modern carts.
    As far as the carts, it is what it is-too many other accepted opinions for a dissenting one to cause a ripple, we use them, and that's how it is here-I collect, on a pretty massive scale, but I also like to play all the games I can possibly play-finances are one issue, but availability is another.
    Flashcarts are a blessing to anyone who plays games and is willing to use them, I hate when this topic is brought up(and it is...hmm. 'Bout every six months or so... :P ), it's a dead horse, tbh.
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  3. 07-17-2021, 06:11 AM
    Unfortunately these aren't old flash carts -- the R4 gold 3ds plus, for example (though the older carts I have are certainly worse).

    I'm not against the use of flash carts, as we'll have no other choice as all of the games' flash memory die out (like mine just did).

    I'm more curious about the use of things like leveraging the DSi's or 3DS's increased clock speeds to combat slowdown.

    *edit : R4 gold i 3ds plus, not an R4 gold 3ds plus
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