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  1. - Evan Mcgahey

    08-31-2021, 09:02 AM
    Hi everyone,

    I had an interview with @nads abut his Mr Dos Castle TG World record on the Atari thank you for reading.

    Evan04 - Q1. "How did you get into Mr Dos Castle?

    nads - A1. "I do remember watching a MAME run, thought the game looked fun, then I noticed there was a port for the 2600, I do like to troll the scoreboards to see if there are any games that pique my interest."

    Evan04 - Q2. "Do you play the game often?"

    nads - A2. "To be honest I generally play one game at a time until 2 things happen. 1. I get good at it and try to beat it, 2. The frustration kicks in and make no improvement I will then put it away."

    Evan04 - Q3. "How long did it take to get the TG world record?"

    nads - A3. "For this title it took a week of practice I guess, I generally play a game then when I notice patterns or strategies I work on those, I will do some homework like watching other runs, then I work on times i.e how long it takes for 100k, then do the math for a Million point run."

    Evan04 - Q4. "How did you feel when you got the TG World record?"

    nads - A4. "For the most part a record score or fastest time, while great! Generally doesn’t drive me, beating the game itself is where I get my pleasure and satisfaction from, I rather roll a game and be 11th on a leaderboard, than scrape a score together for the top spot."

    Evan04 - Q5. "Would you recommend Mr Dos Castle to others?"

    nads - A5. "Definitely!! If you enjoy platform games, with a simple an addictive gameplay Mr Do’s Castle is one you should try."

    Evan04 - Q6. "What is the hardest part in Mr Dos Castle for you?"

    nads - A6. "Like with most games there is a stage or section of a game which becomes a pinch point, in this one from memory it was stage 4? I knew if I made a mistake here it would cost me the million point opportunity."

    Eva04 - Q7. "Would you like to reach the 2 million mark?"

    nads - A7. "I suppose 2 million is better than 1, and yes I would like to have achieved that, but unfortunately this is where my gaming has a flaw, I tend to lose concentration or energy when I hit my initial goal, and usually drop the ball, then its over."

    Evan04 - Q8. "Do you want to shout out anyone or add anything else?"

    nads - A8. Big shout out to all the guys and gals who play and push these games to the limit, at TG, Atariage, Lvlupscore.com, but can’t go past the Atari guys, in particular @Rogerpoco and @GregDeg they just kept everything real and fun, I have enjoyed chasing their scores these guys have posted over the years, hopefully a lot more come!"

    Thanks to @nads for allowing the interview to happen :)
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  2. 09-08-2021, 12:29 AM
    Thank you for posting interview here.
    It was interesting to read.

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