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    09-08-2021, 11:04 PM
    Hi eveyone,

    I had a interview with @Todayisforgotten about his Pig Newton journey to 9 Million. Thanks for reading.


    Evan04 - Q1. "How did you get into Pig Newton?"

    Todayisforgotten - A1 "Fate would have it when I finally decided to join a Crap Tourney. It was in The CAGDC CLASSIC - El Crapolo, in 2021."

    Evan04 - Q2.. "Do you play the game often?"

    Todayisforgotten - A2 "I do not."

    Evan04 - Q3. "How long did it take to get 9.1M? "

    Todayisforgotten - A3. "Way longer than I was hoping. This game cropped up everywhere after my first time hearing of it in El Crap. I was playing in Calice Cup where it was also featured. Puzzle games are generally my bane and Cleopatra Fortune did me in thus ruining any chances of winning it all.

    Since I fell in-love with Pig Newton during Crap Tourney - I decided to put time into this game. I was already beginning to understand it with a 1.8m offering in Crap Tourney. Unfortunately, this was one of those games where I worked out all the kinks but I couldn't execute. It probably took me about 50 hours to finally nail a good game."

    Evan04 - Q4. "How did you feel when you got the 9.1M?"

    Todayisforgotten -A4. "Relieved...I didn't have to play it anymore. haha. I spent so much time working on patterns. Timing routes vs milking. When I finally figured out most of the game and a pattern that kicked ass - I couldn't get a clean run in and like most outings, I spent a lot of time doing stupid things, forgetting and wasting time.

    I was also demoralized when I realized my recording was sending sound to my headphones and not the main board audio. So, the "epic" run has no sound. Which is a shame. The game has some great sound effects."

    Evan04 - Q5. "Would you recommend Pig Newton to others?"

    Todayisforgotten - A5. "If you can get passed its learning curve and some of the bugs. I would. I feel the game is a master piece with all things being said."

    Evan04 - Q6. "What is the hardest part in Pig Newton for you?"

    Todayisforgotten - A4 "The learning curve. The game is deceiving. There's a lot of choices to make. Do you leave the axes for when you are in trouble or do you pick them all up for a better score or balance their pick-up? Jumping to stomp apples isn't as fast as dropping down down but then you need to manage the branches and squirrels. There's a lot of variables to work with and I am only scratching the surface with the depth this game offers. I figured out a great pattern for the game, so as always - staying consistent."

    Evan04 - Q7. "What is the easiest part in Pig Newton for you ?"

    Todayisforgotten - A7 "Milking. However, scoring is faster plowing through the levels vs bonking wolves, owls and squirrels."

    Evan04 - Q8. "Do you want to shout out anyone or add anything else?"

    Todayisforgotten - A8 "I would shout out Chum. He put up a great score after some back and forth. I wouldn't say I am competitive. I simply do not like when people beat me in things I put time into. So many times my best scores were junk performances and I leave a lot on the table. Intuition pulls at me knowing whatever score I put up will probably be beat and I'll be left wasting more time beating that score. I will stick with something until it has been resolved. This is applicable to all facets of life. A real blessing and a curse scenario."

    Big thanks to @Todayisforgotten for allowing this interview to happen :)
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