Xbox - Capcom Classics Collection Volume 2 - NTSC - Street Fighter - Hardcore Difficulty [Points] - 806,500 - Chris Gleed

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  1. Xbox - Capcom Classics Collection Volume 2 - NTSC - Street Fighter - Hardcore Difficulty [Points] - 806,500 - Chris Gleed

    09-25-2021, 08:50 AM


    NTSC - Street Fighter - Hardcore Difficulty [Points]
    Difficulty: Very Difficult
    Round Time: 100
    Continue: No Continue
    Submission Message
    Single run submission
    This is an excerpt from over 48 minutes of total video, with many abandoned runs preceding this submitted score run.
    The entire submitted score run can be seen in the direct capture footage. Upon completion of the run, initials are entered, the game is allowed to cycle back to the high score table and attract mode, followed by the game settings being displayed and the console being power-cycled.
    I start recording with a phone camera around 13:55 of the direct stream footage, and I show the console at the end of the phone camera footage. You can start playing the phone camera footage around 13:55 of the direct feed footage, and watch them simultaneously. The phone camera footage will also marry up with what can be seen in the webcam footage that is part of the direct feed footage.
    Hopefully this gives sufficient confidence of the legitimacy of this run.

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  2. 09-25-2021, 08:54 AM
    Some strategy notes below, for anyone who cares. I spent quite a bit of time grinding on this game, and point maximization is no easy task. Most of my runs end in never getting past Retsu because I would not be pacing at 110k+.

    All special move hits accrue 5k points. So, if you land a fireball or single-hit dragon punch, 5k points is awarded. If you land a double-hit dragon punch, 10k points is awarded.

    Retsu – Get 110k+. 6 fireballs per victory round, 5 fireballs and a few weak normal attacks on the sacrificial round. (see details of Mike’s block animation vs. taking full damage from fireballs – the same principle applies for Retsu). Possible to trade a fireball with Retsu’s sweep to end the sacrificial round, which will produce a double KO – additional 5k points. Decently high frequency of successfully finishing with a 2-hit dragon punch, using medium punch – get 5 fireballs and then hop back a couple steps and time the medium dp in order to get 7 hits per victory round. “Possible”, but not guaranteed. The timing and spacing has to be just right after hopping back, and sometimes a 2-hit finisher will not be awarded. 122k is my PB for Retsu.

    Mike – 6 fireballs per victory round, 5 fireballs and a few weak normal attacks on the sacrificial round. Requires firing off a fireball on the earliest possible frames in each round, identifying visually that Mike is not going into longer knock-back animation/slow down, and quickly continuing to execute fireballs with precise timing on earliest available frames each time. Mike’s block animation reduces the damage a fireball does and allows for the continuance of rapid-fire execution of fireballs. There is no guarantee that Mike will repeatedly go into his block animation, sometimes he simply won’t, sometimes he will jump. In either of those cases, the fireball will connect for full damage (about 40% of lifebar….) and reduce the potential for total number of fireballs for the round.

    Lee – Medium hurricane kick seems to have the greatest potential to put Lee into the “egg beater”, wherein the hurricane does multiple hits (up to 5), and each hit takes very little damage. 8-9 hits is the maximum I’ve achieved per round (40-45k). Lee seems to have the best potential for point accrual, although getting 2 victory rounds of maximum egg beater points and one sacrificial round with good egg beater points is very much luck of the draw. I always open each round with a hurricane, and see where it goes. Once the first egg beater occurs, it is usually possible to time another hurricane kick immediately after completion of the previous, and get another egg beater or at least safely connect for one hit from the hurricane and knock Lee back. When you hear Lee making a “whoop-whoop-whoop-whoop” sound, you will typically have a second or so to execute the hurricane without fear of being attacked. This is also the highest likelihood Lee will get caught in an egg beater. If Lee goes into rush-down mode, quickly change strategy to dragon punches, managing the maximum number of hits vs. life bar. If a dp lands, you may be able to resume hurricane attempts and salvage some increased point accrual from hurricanes.

    Eagle – Also possible to get Eagle stuck in an egg beater, although not quite as lucrative as Lee. Also significantly more difficult to execute on Eagle. The best I’ve come up with is doing a jab dragon punch immediately upon starting the round, and then doing a short hurricane kick. Also seems to be high probability of getting him stuck in an egg beater if you have Eagle in a corner.

    All other opponents: get at least 3 special move hits per victory round, and 2 special move hits plus some crouching weak kicks to drain life bar per sacrificial round. For victory rounds, landing two single-hit special moves and finishing with a 2-hit dragon punch helps increase points. Fireballs are helpful with managing the two single-hits, and setting up the opportunity to get 4 total hits (20k points) on a victory round.
    Matthew 21:22

    Street Fighter (15th) Anniversary Collection: Hyper Street Fighter II World Champion (PS2)

    My current collection:
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