Vectrex competitiveness

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  1. 10-25-2021, 03:37 PM
    added info on spike

    This is a real grey area. The game is quick (record is under 10 minutes), its not maxed out, not even close to marathoned, and if we did reach peak difficult we just reached it because the last level i made it too was harder than the earlier ones. The difference is the bird starts swooping down both levels sooner.

    To have a game that can still be pushed and only takes a few minutes could make it a great tournament game. The problem is, what makes it hard isnt really fun. Leeching cant be fully outlawed since theres plenty of times you have to stall and wait, that makes judging difficult, it also makes playing annoying as you're never sure if you'll be penalized for a bad set up and if you're better off losing one man on purpose than risking disqualification of all remaining lives. Further, the later difficulties are a real "feels bad' in that its not as much about skill as it is about just not getting a terrible position.

    i'm satisfied this game has been pushed far enough, but yes, theres certainly room for people to still compete if they want.
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