PlayStation 4 - The Crew - Speed Skill 21 [Score] - 8,774 - Shaun Michaud

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  1. PlayStation 4 - The Crew - Speed Skill 21 [Score] - 8,774 - Shaun Michaud

    10-25-2021, 03:54 PM

    Speed Skill 21 [Score]

    Player may use any vehicle with any upgrades as limited by the game for the challenge. Where an option, must be played in Solo mode. Score taken from the results screen on successful completion of the challenge. For additional transparency, it is recommended that the player include the make, model, and performance level of the vehicle used to complete the skill challenge or mission.

    Submission Message
    This record took some time to beat.. congratulations to @Barthax for putting up a very competitive score. The skill path allows you to either head toward the mountains or down to the valley. Despite the icy roads, the mountain route is the better of the two as the roads are mostly straight. A Circuit car is handles great on asphalt but horrible on ice. You need to adjust driving styles from an all out approach to light acceleration to maximize points.
    The attempt starts at 35m 07s.

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