Android - Angry Birds - Mine and Dine - 15-1 - 69,470 - Andrew Mee

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  1. Android - Angry Birds - Mine and Dine - 15-1 - 69,470 - Andrew Mee

    10-27-2021, 02:33 AM

    Mine and Dine - 15-1
    Any powerup may be used for your attempt
    You may use the Shockwave bird for your attempt

    Submission Message
    Achieved today 2021-10-27 to celebrate (21 days late) a decade of me recording footage of Android attempts. Only one run in the footage.
    As a bonus (never submitted because TG didn't start accepting Android submissions until 2015) is my original attempt to record anything on Android: Angry Birds level 17-7. So in honour of how poor that original recording was at 1 Frame Per Second (another reason I've never submitted it), I don't bother putting any effort into this attempt at 15-1. This was recorded using my fifth Android phone and I am too lazy to unlock 17-7 just as I'm too lazy to even install Angry Birds on my sixth Android phone. :P

    My original Android recording attempt:

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  2. 10-27-2021, 08:59 AM
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