Arcade - Nam-1975 - Points - 819,400 - James Morris

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  1. Arcade - Nam-1975 - Points - 819,400 - James Morris

    11-29-2021, 12:21 PM

    Continues : INFINITEDemo Sound : ONHow To Play: ONDifficulty: LEVEL 5Bonus Rate: SECOND BONUSBonus: 100000/200000Hero: 3This track is for Highest Score, the above settings give 3 lives on difficulty 5, Continues can be set to On or OFF however NO CONTINUES are allowed to be used in submissions.
    Submission Message
    WR attempt recorded at 1Up Arcade Australia on 27 November 2021.
    Attempt starts: 00:25
    Last man down: 24:05
    Initials entered: 24:06
    Neo geo soft dips shown: 24:44
    Inside cab: 25:09
    Final scoreboard: 26:50
    I hope you all enjoy watching this as much as I did playing. Since my first game in March 2020 its quickly become a top 10 all time favourite of mine. I nearly threw this run as I had 3 silly mistakes before level 5 and didn’t think the run would lead to much- glad I kept playing! Thanks all ?

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