Commodore 64 - Pyramid Pete - EMU - Points - 66,260 - John Eden

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  1. Commodore 64 - Pyramid Pete - EMU - Points - 66,260 - John Eden

    12-07-2021, 12:15 AM

    EMU - Points
    This game has no settings for the player to select, therefore no specific rules apply. Please use default settings. Cheats must not be used.
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    Hi all, this was recorded a while ago, I've found a small handful of gameplay vids that I have been meaning to submit to TG. I will have some holidays soon so may well do some more submitting so all feedback welcome on this submission. In this video I start WinVICE and reset to default settings. I only play the game once in the video, so gameplay starts as soon as I load the game. Thanks all and cheers, John (JRE)

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  2. 12-07-2021, 04:18 AM
    Default settings restored at 0:14. Score checks out. Accepted.
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  3. 12-07-2021, 06:39 AM
    Voting yes
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