Arcade - Super Bikes 2 - Fastest Time Sturgis Medium - 01:42.42 - Juan Torres

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  1. Arcade - Super Bikes 2 - Fastest Time Sturgis Medium - 01:42.42 - Juan Torres

    12-16-2021, 03:08 PM

    Fastest Time Sturgis Medium
    Rules1. 1 Player only2. Any car, modifications, transmission, difficulty, and any start or checkpoint bonus time is allowed. Normal short cuts are ok.3. 4 Turbo boost, 1 at the start and 3 in reserve4. Glitches, car simulators, use of PC home version, emulators, wall-riding, cheats, codes, clipping of the track, illegal short-cuts, or hacking of the original game programming is Prohibited.5. Conversion kits are allowed but must be in an arcade game cabinet.6. The player must show enough of the arcade game cabinet to confirm that the correct peripherals like a steering wheel, pedal, and gear stick are being used. Game settings are not required to be seen.
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    Start :07
    Final 2:54

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  2. 12-17-2021, 08:15 AM
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    Start :07
    Final 2:54
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